TEDA TIANJIN, ChinaFeb. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Asymchem announced today that manufacturing operations had resumed on February 10, 2020, one week after a government required extended New Year holiday due to the novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

Asymchem operates 8 manufacturing sites in northeastern China, all of which are far from the southern province of Hubei. To date Asymchem has not had any personnel affected by the epidemic, although increased protocols have been enacted to ensure the safety and health of its employees while complying with government quarantine regulations.

Given the current situation, delays in normal operation have been minimal due to the remote locations of the manufacturing facilities. Regardless, Asymchem has been proactive in communication with clients and suppliers since late January to assure business continuity. A special task force has been organized to mitigate any risks or interruptions of supply and deliverables to clients, coupled with Asymchem’s large volume back integration facilities to offset shortages from impacted suppliers.

“We are considering all future scenarios and developing solutions proactively to minimize any impact on our business and our client’s business” stated Chairman and CEO of Asymchem Group, Dr. Hao Hong, “While the current situation is unprecedented, we will undoubtedly adapt to whatever the situation requires to protect our client’s timelines.” he added.

Asymchem’s US and European offices have remained opened throughout the epidemic to provide timely communication to support the needs of its clients.

About Asymchem 
Asymchem is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) providing services and manufacturing to major pharmaceutical companies world-wide over the lifecycle of a drug. Founded in 1997, Asymchem employs over 3800 personnel with operations in ChinaUnited States and Europe. For more information please visit www.asymchem.com.

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