News Highlights

2020 Asymchem School Recruiting Welcome Event Held

On July 7, the welcome event for new staff from school recruiting was held in Tianjin. Dr. Hao Hong, Chairman and CEO of Asymchem, and other group managers met with the first batch of 2020 hires who recently graduated from university to lay a solid foundation for better understanding the company’s culture, information about integrating into the working environment, and enhancing the sense of belonging and responsibility.

First Training Event held at Tianjin Drug Administration Training Base

On July 17-18, the first training event of “Tianjin Drug Administration Training Base” established by Asymchem and the Tianjin Medical Products Administration (TMPA) in 2020 was successfully held. The event invited relevant leaders of TMPA, industry experts and enterprise executives to communicate and discuss green pharmaceutical technologies, innovative drugs, vaccine regulation, opportunities and challenges of MAH, correlated audit of drug API, pharmaceutical excipients and drug packing materials and so on. Useful exploration was carried out on building an innovative, technology-based, and intelligent government-enterprise platform with international advanced regulatory experience, providing enterprises with more in-depth interpretation and guidance of regulations. hisand the event promotesd greater collaboration between drug regulators and companies.

Asymchem and TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital Held Signing Ceremony

On July 3, TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital held the “Pharmaceutical Integration of the Internet, 3D Air Rescue – Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony Benefiting Chinese Livelihoods” in cooperation with Asymchem and other strategic partners. The signing ceremony marked the official start of the Binhai Center for the Tianjin Technology Innovation Center for Clinical Research (TICCR). The center will be a highly efficient combination of market operation and public hospital research strengths, significantly improving the quality of clinical trials and contributing to accelerating the pace of new drug development and listing.

Tianjin Economic Development Area 2019 “Top 100 Enterprises” Released, Asymchem was repeatedly on the list

On July 23, the “Tianjin Economic Development Area 2020 First Half Work Meeting and Outstanding Enterprise Conference” was held in Tianjin. Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was recognized as one of the “2019 Top 100 Enterprises” as a leading enterprise in TEDA. Since 2014, Asymchem has won this annual award for six consecutive years.

Ⅱ. Technical Highlights

Asymchem Boosts Biocatalysis Capabilities with New Enzyme Library

To further expand our business scope, Asymchem has established an enzyme library of aryl malonate decarboxylase and threonine aldolase, which can be used in asymmetric synthesis to produce a variety of optically pure α-aryl aliphatic carboxylic acids without additional cofactors or reagents. Threonine aldolase can be used for the synthesis of multifunctional chiral β-hydroxy-α-amino acids. The expansion and upgrade of the new enzyme library strengthens Asymchem’s enzymatic catalysis technology and broadens the application scope and value of the market.

Asymchem Established a Crystallization-engineering Laboratory

Recently, Asymchem established a crystallization-engineering laboratory to undertake all internal & external requirements for the development and optimization of the crystallization process. To further improve process development and optimize the R&D capability, the laboratory has purchased a new FBRM Analyzer (Focused Beam Reflectometry) in addition to the existing parallel screening equipment (Crystal16, Easymax, etc.) and online monitoring equipment (IR, PVM, etc.), which can control the crystallization mechanism and process on a fundamental level, significantly reducing the number of experiments, and efficiently completing the crystallization R&D. At the same time, the design and optimization of crystallization morphology and particle size control can be realized through the reinforcement of wet mill equipment. The crystallization-engineering lab is dedicated to the final stage before API production, providing customers with high-quality research services such as crystallization thermodynamics, crystal growth kinetics, crystallization process development and optimization, crystallization process transfer and scale-up, crystal habit design and optimization, and particle size distribution design and optimization, etc.

Asymchem Builds a Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Platform

Asymchem’s Chemical Engineering Department has built a CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) simulation platform by using the advanced fluid mechanics software FLUENT. The software successfully realizes the numerical simulation of the complex flow process in various stirred kettles. By acquiring the detailed fluid flow information in the kettle, it can accurately calculate the minimum solids suspension speed and the stirring power of various stirrers, which is of great significance to the application research of some unconventional stirrers. Also, the platform can also conduct a computational simulation of the flow, heat transfer, mass transfer, and part of the reaction process in each chemical equipment and enlarge the design of the auxiliary reactor and various devices.

Asymchem’s patent “A Method of Amide Alcoholysis” granted

Asymchem’s patent “A Method of Amide Alcoholysis” has been granted by the US IP (Grant Publication No. US10696617). The invention provides a method of carrying out alcoholysis with amide-containing compounds under an alkaline condition using an epoxy compound as an accelerator. The method is practical, and the post-processing requires only simple conventional separation to obtain a pure product. Also, the epoxy compound is inexpensive, which can greatly reduce the risk and cost of production and waste disposal. The invention provides an environmentally friendly, economical, and efficient method for the conversion of amide to ester.

Asymchem’s patent “A Synthetic Route, Reagent Kit and Application of D-heterocyclic Amino Acid” granted

Asymchem’s patent “A Synthetic Route, Reagent Kit and Application of D-heterocyclic Amino Acid” was granted by the National Patent of Invention (Grant Notice No. CN 108300744 B). The synthetic method in the invention is the conversion of D-heterocyclic ketoacids into D-heterocyclic amino acids using diaminoheptanedioic acid dehydrogenase. This method can obtain non-natural chiral amino acids with higher conversion rate and ee. Also, the process condition is stable, the reaction condition is mild, and the whole production process is simple and less polluting, which provides a new solution for such synthesis.