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Recent News 


2022 Semi-Annual Report Released


July 14– Asymchem released its 2022 Semi-Annual Report. The first-half operating revenue is 4.79~5.06 billion, up 172.2%~187.4%. Attributable net profit of 1.64~1.74 billion RMB, up 283.0%~306.0%, deducted net profit of 1.62~1.71 billion RMB, up 359.2%~386.3%. The company growth exceeded market expectations and continued its high growth trend. Benefiting from the company’s “small molecule + emerging business” double-wheel strategy, the company is expected to achieve year-over-year growth of 180% in small molecule business revenue in the first half of 2022, and to achieve year-over-year growth of 150% in emerging business revenue. Asymchem has further optimized its operation system, effectively improving capacity and operational effeciency. The high growth of operating revenue has also brought about the release of scale benefits, which has contributed to a significant increase in profitability.

Online Forum: Challenges in the Development and Clinical Application Prospects of CGT Drugs


July 29th – the seventh issue of “China New Drug” – “Challenges in the Development and Clinical Application Prospects of CGT Drugs” online forum – was successfully launched. The forum was hosted by Dr. Gao Fang, Vice General Manager of AsymBio; Wang Liqun, Chairman, Founder and CEO of Neukio; Wang Wen, CEO and CMO of IASO Bio; Zhang Yu, Vice General Manager and CSO of VCANBIO; and Fan Xiaohu, President of Institute of Gene and Cell Therapy of Xi’an Jiaotong University. The discussion revolved around technical challenges, scale up production, drug accessibility and future development of CGT.


Technology Updates


The Baeyer Villiger Monoxygenase Developed by Asymchem, Granted a Patent


Recently, the Baeyer Villiger monooxygenase developed by Asymchem was granted a patent (CN109402074B). The new Baeyer Villiger monooxygenase can be used for the specific synthesis of high-purity chiral sulfoxide compounds. The evolved enzyme not only has extremely high activity, the product ee value is >99%, and the content of difficult-to-remove sulfone by-products is extremely low, which greatly reduces the industrial production cost of chiral sulfoxide.


Asymchem’s Continuous Flow Catalytic Hydrogenation Equipment And Continuous Flow Catalytic Hydrogenation Method For Pyridine Compounds, Granted Patents


Recently, a continuous flow catalytic hydrogenation equipment and catalytic hydrogenation method for pyridine compounds were developed by Asymchem and granted a patent (CN111821919B). By applying the technical solution, the multi-stage fixed-bed reactor is connected in series to realize the continuous flow catalytic hydrogenation of pyridine analogues, and it facilitates the loading and replacement of catalysts in each fixed-bed reactor.



Fixed Asset Investment

Asymchem TJ Sites Construction Project Status


CBST factory

  • 62% completed

  • 85% of the infrastructure construction of the exterior wall coating is completed
  • Curtain wall glass installation is reaching completion.


CMMD factory

  • 30% completed

  • The R&D center, power station, production plant has been topped.


TJ3 North site

  • The API4 building on the north side of TJ3 is 20% complete:
  • The main body has been roofed, the foundation of roofing equipment is completed
  • The pool of sewage station is poured and the waterproof construction is complete.


Oligonucleotide Factory

  • The of Oligo plant is 28% complete

  • The main body of R&D center and comprehensive building has been roofed,

  • The production module has been roofed, and the bottom of sewage station is poured.


The completion of the TJ plant construction projects will help to continuously increase production capacity and improve operational efficiency, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent smooth implementation of the company’s strategy.



Clin-nov Helps GENUINE’s First China Oral Anti-COVID19 Drug Azudine Get Approved With Conditions

July 25 – the NMPA conditionally approved Henan GENUINE’s Azvudine tablet for the new indication for the treatment of COVID-19 according to the “Drug Administration Law” relevant provisionsis. Azvudine is China’s self-developed oral small molecule anti-COVID19 treatment drug. In July 2021, Clin-nov helped Azvudine tablet to be conditionally marketed for the treatment of HIV. For eight years, Clin-nov has been supporting Azvudine from IND to NDA, providing project management services for the whole life cycle of drug development. During the filing process of Azvudine’s new  indication, Clin-nov has undertaken the project management of its domestic RCT phase III clinical trial. From the beginning of the outbreak of the disease in China to the recent filing of the drug, Clin-nov team has been involved tightly in the development of Azvudine’s new indication. During the service period, Clin-nov responded to the urgent document writing and revision demand, coordinated the internal and external communication of isolation ward with high efficiency, and supported the on-site verification of several agencies with high intensity.