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Back Integration

Asymchem Services Raw Material

In-house Production Guarantees Raw Material Supply

To control downstream impurity profiles, costs, and lead-times, Asymchem has made significant investments in raw materials’ quality control and efficiencies. Since 2003 when we began in-house operations for custom and bulk production of RM and RSM’s, Asymchem has established a consistent track record of on-time delivery.

As stricter environmental regulations are enforced, many suppliers of raw materials have shut their doors. As the resulting shortages threatened many pharmaceutical companies’ supply chains, Asymchem constructed a new facility in Liaoning, China dedicated to the production of non-GMP material.

Internal Supply Network

  • “Green field,” inspected sites
  • Design & construction monitored by experienced engineers
  • Back integration ensures reliable supply

External Supplier Audit System

  • Continuous and rigorous supplier auditing for delivery, QA and EHS
  • Data collected by survey and on-site visits by Asymchem auditors
  • Broad and growing network absorbs change

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