TEDA TIANJIN, P.R. China, March 9, 2020 – Asymchem (stock code: 002821.SZ), a leading global integrated Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) recently opened a “Biosynthetic Technology R&D Center”. The new center will support Asymchem’s core technologies in areas of biosynthesis such as bioenzyme catalysis.

Asymchem has provided biosynthesis services since 2015 and has obtained 26 patents in the field of biological enzymes, including enzyme evolution, enzyme immobilization, and enzyme-catalyzed synthesis routes. The new center has expanded on current offerings and includes the addition of a cell-free system. Each of the three modules within the center – protein synthesis, cell-free system, and production technology – are designed to support each other and integrate with Asymchem’s full-suite of solution offerings.


Protein synthesis
Based on the original small-molecule enzyme preparations and medicinal enzyme preparations, the protein synthesis system continues to develop its advantages in R&D as well as production. Constant efforts are made in the fields of industrial project catalytic enzymes and medicinal enzymes while expanding new application fields and production technologies. At present, within small-molecule enzyme preparations, Asymchem has successfully built five technology platforms:

  • enzyme evolution
  • high flux screening
  • enzyme production
  • biotransformation
  • immobilization
  • biosynthesis

Cell-free system
As a new capability for the R&D center, the cell-free system will promote the application of CFPS technology in peptides (antibacterial peptides, anti-tumor peptides, peptide vaccines) and nucleic acids (mRNA, oligonucleotides), mainly applied to peptides (antibacterial peptides), Anti-tumor peptides, peptide vaccines, and nucleic acid (mRNA, oligonucleotide) and other active biomolecule production.

Production technology
The production technology platform is capable of providing GMP production from gram to ton scale, producing nearly one hundred enzyme products every year, and the annual production capacity of enzyme solution is more than one hundred tons. The platform is equipped with a variety of freeze dryers and spray drying equipment, which can produce one to two tons of enzyme powder products per year, and has a ton-scale immobilized production capacity. Asymchem has upgraded the production process of enzyme preparations, expanded production capacity, and broadened the application fields of pilot trials and production. This has propelled the movement from main application to small molecule drug catalysis, further expanding the GMP industrial production of enzyme preparations raw materials of high added value. Furthermore, it will actively explore mRNA in vitro transcription biosynthesis technology to help the process development and commercial production of pharmaceuticals.

Opening Ceremony
An opening ceremony was held on March 1, 2021, in Tianjin (PR China). During the ceremony, Ms. Yang Rui, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Asymchem Labs, stated, “Asymchem would always be oriented to provide customers with the best solutions, giving full play to its leading technological advantages and promoting continuous improvement of Asymchem’s R&D and production scale as well as service level. The upgrade of the new technology R&D center will further expand the company’s entire industry chain service capabilities, improve R&D efficiency, reduce production costs and continue to create long-term value for customers.”




About Asymchem
Founded in 1999, Asymchem (stock code: 002821.SZ) is a leading global integrated Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) providing innovative drug R&D and manufacturing. Asymchem is supported by 5000 employees based in PR China, the US, and EU. Our mission is to drive efficiency through continuous technological advances for smarter, greener, and more cost-effective manufacturing to support pharmaceutical clinical research and commercialization backed by a proven track record of successful agency and industry inspections.