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Asymchem APIs Intermediates_Carbapenems and Glycans

Pioneering Advances to Address Carbapenem Safety & Sustainability

Asymchem has supplied both the branded and generic global carbapenem markets since 2011. In addition, we’ve supported carbapenem API’s in late stage clinical development. To address safety and environmental issues, we’ve developed novel continuous flow technology, effectively surpassing the antiquated technology of typical suppliers. As a result, today we produce 4AA — a critical raw in imipenem, ertapanem, meropenem, doripenem — and the enol phosphate intermediate (ertapenem, meropenem).

  • USFDA multiple inspected carbapenem sites
  • US DMF filed for enol phosphate continuous flow process, LoA available upon request
  • US DMF filing for ertapenem API
  • Manufacture and supply of 4AA (carbapenem critical raw material) made via continuous flow manufacturing process for in-house consumption. Read more about this in this publication.
  • Regulatory and technical assistance towards any submission type based on specific customer requirements