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Chemical Process R&D

Asymchem Services Process Development Labs

Continuous Improvement to Support Drug Development Innovation

World-class process R&D is fundamental to creating robust, reliable drug development and commercial processes. At Asymchem, we support our process design/route scouting, safety evaluation, optimization, DOE (Design Of Experiments), process validation, and continuous process improvement with our commitment to safer, more robust, and greener processes. Our advances in flow chemistry and biotransformation exemplify those efforts and apply to projects at different stages.

Chemical Process Research & Development Capabilities

  • Reaction optimization to reduce costs and maximize output
  • Catalysts screening and optimization
  • Statistical Design of Experiments (DOE) utilizing Quality by Design (QbD) band Multivariate Data Analysis principles
  • Crystallization studies
  • Salt selection and polymorph screening
  • Cryogenic (-90°C), high temperature, and high pressure (40 atm, 587 psi) capacities
  • API synthesis to support GLP toxicology, clinical studies, etc.
  • Capable of handling highly potent compounds with OEL < 0.1 ug/
  • Critical process parameter assessment
  • Impurity profiling and isolation
  • FTE Services for utilizing Lab, Kilo and/or Pilot Plant facilities