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Asymchem APIs Intermediates Commercial Manufacturing

Large Scale Commercial Manufacturing for APIs & Intermediates

By combining our powerful production capacity with our culture of flexibility, Asymchem consistently delivers the quality our customers demand — on time. Our experienced technical team ensures that production processes can be quickly and seamlessly transferred from the lab to pilot scale-up, and finally to commercial production.

Asymchem’s eight state-of-the-art facilities are regularly-inspected and operate under a single quality system, ensuring that improvements made at one, are quickly extended to all sites.

In addition, ensuring access and availability of raw materials is a top priority for Asymchem. We adeptly mitigate related risks (EHS, regulatory, sustainability, etc.) and have developed a strong back integration system.

Commercial Capabilities to Meet a Variety of Needs:

  • Total reaction volume of more than 2455m³; 1593m³ located in GMP workshop
  • Reactor size ranges from 5L to 20,000L
  • Batch capabilities and flow chemistry equipment at each site
  • 20-30% of pre-regulatory steps conducted in continuous mode
  • 120,000 of production bases for non-GMP raw materials
  • 140,000 of production bases for registered starting materials

Advanced Technologies to Handle Challenging Reactions:

  • Cryogenic reaction (low as 110°C)
  • High temperature reactions (> 200°C)
  • High-pressure reactions (> 100 atm)
  • Diazomethane reaction

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