API Solutions


Asymchem Manufacturing Crystallization

Custom Crystallization Services from Pre-Clinical through Phase III

By applying our quality-by-design approach, we’re able to offer tailor-made crystallization process research services for each stage of pharmaceutical development. Our experienced team can design and optimize your product to yield the desired purity and solid state characteristics.

Asymchem Crystallization Phases

Solid Form Screening

  • Polymorph Screening
  • Co-Crystal High Throughput Screening
  • Salt Screening
  • Crystal Form Solubility Evaluation
  • Hygroscopicity Crystal Form Stability
  • Thermodynamic Stability
  • Crystal Structure Analysis, Cultivation of a Single Crystal, Structural Analysis & Refinement

API and Formulation R&D

  • Purification R&D
  • Crystal Size Distribution Optimization
  • Crystal Thermodynamic R&D
  • Crystal Habit Design & Evaluation
  • Process Optimization, Scale-up, and Validation