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Recent News 


Asymchem Participated at CPHI Worldwide 

November 1-3 – Asymchem’s CMC+ Clinical Research Services team was represented at CPhI Worldwide in Frankfurt, Germany. Experts and representatives from Asymchem met with peers and clients from all over the world and shared industry insight and trends. During CPHI more than 2500 exhibitors meet some 45,000 trade visitors and decision makers from 150 + countries. It is considered the premier industry event of the year.


Successful Networking Event held in Boston 

November 15th – Asymchem Boston held a networking event at Revolution Hall in Lexington Boston. The event invited biotech professionals from around the area to engage in discussions about the industry and introduce Asymchem Boston as new member of the local industry landscape. Over 500 professionals registered for the event. This event supports Asymchem’s recent initiative to become more involved with small to medium-sized pharmaceutical customers through various forms.


AsymBio was named the “CXO Supplier of the Year” on 2022 BioValley Biopharmaceutical Industry Climbing Awards 

November 18 – the Bio-ONE 2022 4th Annual Bioprocess Industry two-day Summit successfully concluded in Shanghai, where AsymBio along with 60+ leading enterprises of drug industry were invited to participate.

During the conference, AsymBio, gained recognition as and won the “CXO Supplier of the Year” award. This award comes from endorsements from experts, scholars, elites and industry colleagues.


Technology Updates


Patent Granted for the Oligonucleotide Synthesizer Self-Designed by Asymchem 

A method of continuous hydrogenation reduction of amides and its application, developed by Asymchem, was granted a patent (CN114539126B). The invention uses hydrogenation to reduce amides to obtain better yields, and avoids post-treatment operations such as quenching, filtration and water washing; compared to the reduction using reducing agents such as lithium tetrahydroaluminium. The simple post-treatment process and small amount of three wastes make it more suitable for industrial production.


Patent Has Been Granted For Nucleic Acid Synthesis Device

Asymchem independently developed a laboratory oligonucleotide synthesizer, which was granted a patent (CN217829968U). The practical technical solution sets the container and valve assembly on the first and second panels of the cabinet door, reducing the high production costs in the existing process.


Patent Has Been Granted for Continuous Photochemical Reaction Device

Recently, a continuous photochemical reaction device developed independently by Asymchem has been granted a patent (CN 217829970U). The practical technical solution reduces the loss of light and improves the utilization of light energy by setting up a light illumination system around the outer circumference of the transparent hose. This allows light to irradiate the transparent hose directing without passing through the quartz tube wall and other media.

Cell-Free Expression Technology Empowers Protein Expression 

Asymchem has further explored cell-free systems of high-value hard-to-express proteins synthesis, based on the previously developed cell-free synthesis. This established an efficient cell-free synthesis and screening system for drug target membrane proteins, antibody proteins, cytokines, and toxic proteins. Capability now expanded in the rapid development of pharmaceutical-related proteins.

Clin-Nov Medical Business Progress


The Joint Launch Ceremony of Clin-Nov Medical’s Suzhou-Liaoning Office 

October 31- Liang Qing, Co-CEO of Clin-Nov Medical, and Li Guangze, Vice General Manager, delivered speeches reflecting on the development of Clin-Nov Medical, from every progress to continuous growth. Now, Clin-Nov has gradually developed into a CARO company reaching to Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, and many other cities. The opening of the Suzhou-Liaoning office marked the constant expansion of the company’s business landscape, as well the rapid growth of the company and the continual optimization of team building.

“Opportunities And Challenges Of Small Molecule Innovative Drug Development – Practice And Reflections” 

November 4–, a webinar themed “Opportunities and Challenges of Small Molecule Innovative Drug Development – Practice and Reflections” was launched and broadcasted live across platforms, attracting nearly 10,000 industry colleagues to discuss the future of drug industry.



BIO Partnering at JPM | January 9-12, 2023 | San Francisco, CA

RESI San Francisco | January 10-11, 2023 | San Francisco, CA

Oligonucleotide Therapeutics-West Coast | March 29, 2023 | San Francisco, CA

International Oligonucleotides and Peptides Conference (IOPC) | June 5-7, 2023 | Milan, Italy

CPHI Worldwide | October 24-26, 2023 | Barcelona, Spain