Asymchem Technology Electrochemistry

Sustainable Solutions Including R&D and Scale Up

As part of our commitment to green chemistry and industry collaborations , Asymchem has developed extensive electrochemistry capabilities. By conducting lab-based feasibility studies, we can determine whether a redox can be done electrochemically and whether it’s feasible for scale up. Each scope includes selection of appropriate cathode and anode, electrolyte, and other conditions such as concentration and applied voltage. In addition we can manufacture large quantities using flow cell technology.


  • Alternative to traditional reduction/oxidation reagents that are toxic, expensive and not environmentally friendly
  • Access to chemical transformations not traditionally available through typical chemistries
  • Reactivity can be “dialed-in” to achieve improved chemoselectivity
  • Acceleration of redox steps in a complex catalytic cycle possible


  • EZstat Pro potentiostat/galvanostat workstation
  • RST series electrochemical workstation
  • ElectraSyn 2.0 Package IKA
  • Various electrodes including Pt, Ni, Cu, DSA ect.
  • Custom undivided cell
  • Capillary electrolytic cell for scale up
  • Custom divided cell for scale up (5L)
  • DC power 0-5A
  • DC power 0-100A (for production)
  • DC power 0-30A  (for production)
  • Custom frame cell
  • Two types of membrane (nafion 117 & 483)

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