Parallel Manufacturing

This year, Asymchem began construction on two new facilities in strategic responses to supply chain externalities and customer demand. The expansions will support Asymchem’s end-to-end development and manufacture.

Asymchem continues to pursue a strategy of geographic diversification by locating new manufacturing facilities across China’s provinces.  Locations are chosen for their proximity to required resources – i.e., raw materials, transportation networks and a skilled workforce. In addition, these locations will play essential roles in Asymchem’s multi-pronged SCM strategy to insulate production from supply chain variability.

Both expansions will be compliant with relevant GMP, FDA and other regulatory oversight, and will support Asymchem’s core commitment to provide large-scale pharmaceutical production capacity for large pharma and small biotech innovators throughout the world.


Where: Zhenjing, China (ZJ)
Size: 257m³  (9,075 ft³)
Start/Finish:  4Q 2021/ 4Q 2022
Purpose: cGMP and raw material multi-purpose facilities for back integration and GMP manufacturing

The all-new ZJ1 site will support API Manufacturing – cGMP and raw material multi-purpose facilities for additional back integration and GMP manufacturing capacity.


Where: Dunhua, China  (DH3)
Size: 473m³  (16,703 ft³)
Start/Finish:  Feb 2021/ Q1 2022
Purpose: non-GMP small-molecule back integration for both batch and continuous flow technologies


The DH3 small molecule back integration site will support API Manufacturing for both batch (including 500-12,500L reactors) and continuous flow technologies. Once the new plant is complete and combined with existing manufacturing plants, the total capacity of the DH3 site will be 473m3  (16,703 ft³) Coupled with previous expansions, the DH3 site addition will boost overall production by 75%.