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Asymchem’s eight state-of-the-art manufacturing sites, while located throughout Northeast China, are built from the ground up to US and European standards. Together these facilities offer powerful production capacity — from preclinical kg scale production of toxicological batches to scaled-up clinical and commercial drug manufacturing on tonne-scale.

Each facility is staffed with experienced technical teams that can seamlessly ensure that your production process can quickly be transferred from laboratory scale or pilot scale up to full commercial production.

Multiple Locations Offer Manufacturing Flexible Solutions

  • Built to US / European standards
  • Single Quality Management system across all manufacturing sites
  • 2,462.7 Total
  • Reactors ranging in size from 5L to 20,000L
  • Pilot scale up to commercial production
Purpose Site Capacities Vessel sizes Working Parameters
cGMP cGMP-like Working Temperature Working Pressure
HP, API, high-pressure chemistry TJ1 (Tianjin, China) 11.55m³ -- 5L~1,000L -20°C ~ 110°C -0.1 ~ 70 atm
All aspects of chemical manufacturing & development TJ2 (Tianjin, China) 125.60m³ -- 5L~8,000L -90°C ~ 120°C -1 ~ 2 atm
cGMP manufacturing, formulation (tablets, capsules, granules, pellets) TJ3 (Tianjin, China) 106.0m³ -- 500L~8,000L -110°C ~ 200°C -0.1 ~ 70 atm
RSM & Carbapenems FX1 (Fuxin, China) 349.7m³ 268.3m³ 80L~12,500L -90°C ~ 130°C -1 ~ 2 atm
Non-cGMP, Back Integration FX2 (Fuxin, China) -- 375.1m³ 500L~12,500L -90°C ~ 130°C -1 ~ 2 atm
cGMP manufacturing, RSMs, high-pressure chemistry DH1 (Dunhua, China) 748.4m³ 214.5m³ 200L~20,000L -90°C ~ 200°C -0.1 ~ 70 atm
Carbapenem manufacturing DH2 (Dunhua, China) 263.5m³ -- 3,000L~20,000L -90°C ~ 110°C -0.1 ~ 70 atm
Total 1,604.8m³ 857.9m³
Total (GMP & NonGMP) 2,462.7m³
Purpose Capacity & Equipment
API Manufacture 169.33m³ 5-100L GL Reactor
200-8,000L GL/ Hastelloy/ SS/TiS Reactor
cGMP Pilot/Commercial Manufacture 810.83m³ 5-20,000L GL/SS/ Autoclave/ TiS Reactor
613.2m³ 500-20,000L GL/SS/ Hastelloy/(Penem Intermediates)
Non-GMP Pilot/Commercial Manufacture 861.9m³ 200-20,000L GL/SS/Autoclave
High Potency Seven HP area 5-80L GL Reactor
200-1,000L GL Reactor
Continuous Production Pipe Reactors for Diazotization, Ozonization, Cryogenic Reaction, High-temperature and Other Regular Reactions by Asymchem Design low-temperature reaction(≤-20 degree), high-temperature reaction(≥150 degree), Diazomethane reaction, Ozonation reaction, Oxidation reaction with peroxides, Nitration reaction, Photochemical reaction, Electrochemical Reaction, catalytic hydrogenation reaction, Grignard reagent prepara-tion and appliction, Curtius rearrangement, Continuous reaction with high energy reagents (TMSN3, NaN3, etc.), Continuous reaction with gas(Acetylene, Ethylene, Ammonia, oxygen
Biotransformation 4×50L, 4×500L, 2×5000L, Reactor
Function Equipment/Capability OEL Rating
Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co., Ltd TJ1 HiPo R&D Labs 2 labs:6 fume hoods+2 Isolators ≤0.05μg/m³
HiPo Kilo Labs (Class D) 3 labs: 3 Isolators,2~20L glass reactor (-80-150°C)
1 lab: Isolator,Flexible isolator, 2~80L glass reactor (-80-150°C)
Freeze-drying Lab: 2m2 Lyophilizer
Pre-HPLC DAC150, Nanofiltration, 2.5-10m2 TFF
Module 3: modules: 200-1000L glass-lined reactor /
stainless steel reactor (-20-120°C)
Solid material charging Isolator,Jet milling, wet milling
Analytical 1 QCLab: 1 Isolator ≤0.05μg/m³