A new organization a structure focused on separate business units established and appoints Ms. Rui Yang as Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO) of the Group

January 20, 2022 – Asymchem adjusted its organizational structure from a functional structure to a business unit/group system, establishing the Chemical Business Group and Strategic Emerging Business Unit. The group will primarily focus on emerging drug classes represented by chemical macromolecules and biomolecules, as well as strategic emerging businesses such as clinical CROs. AsymBio (covering CDMO business in mAb, ADC, mRNA, ATMP, etc.), Clin-nov Medical (clinical CRO), and Tianjin Innovation Center for Clinical Research (TICCR) will also be covered within the new unit. The unit will be led by Ms. Rui Yang as Co-CEO.

Technology Updates

Asymchem’s amino acid dehydrogenase patent was granted

Utilizing Asymchem’s in-house enzyme library the company has independently developed a new amino acid dehydrogenase through enzyme evolution technology to dig deeper into the enzyme function, which has been granted a patent (CN108795893 B). This enzyme can be used for the efficient preparation of non-natural amino acids, with ee. value reaching over 99%. The evolved enzyme has high activity and selectivity, which can greatly expand the scope of application of amino acid dehydrogenase and significantly improve the reaction efficiency.

Asymchem’s lipase mutant and its application technology were granted a patent

Asymchem’s lipase mutant and its application technology were granted a patent (CN113502281B). The lipase mutant, which has changed protein structure and function compared with the parent lipase, solves the problem of low stereoselectivity of industrial lipase in the prior art. In practical application, the stereoselectivity of the lipase mutant is greatly improved, and to a certain extent, the amount of enzyme is reduced and the difficulty of post-processing is reduced, which makes it more suitable for industrial scale up production.

Asymchem’s new crystal form of ertapenem sodium and its preparation method was granted a patent

A new crystal form of ertapenem sodium and its preparation method developed by Asymchem was granted a patent (CN113416193B). The new crystal form is more stable and can keep the crystal form unchanged to the maximum extent during the subsequent washing and drying process, and the product purity can reach more than 99.2% and the yield can reach more than 93%. This technology effectively solves the problems of low crystalline purity and yield in the existing process, and can be efficiently applied in large-scale production.

Asymchem’s method for the removal of amide group from methoxyphenyl protecting groups was granted a patent

The method of removing methoxyphenyl protecting group on amide group, invented by Asymchem independently, was granted a patent (CN113549102B). The method of this invention does not require the use of thiourea, which avoids the generation of sulfur-containing wastewater in the process and makes the whole production process more cost effective and green.


Fixed Assets Investments

Asymchem TJ sites construction continues on schedule

Asymchem continues construction at its Tianjin site, which once complete will increase production capacity, improve operational efficiency and better meet the needs of global clients

  • the new kilogram laboratory project on the first floor of TJ2 Building 12 has been completed
  • the design completion ratio of TJ3 north side plot is 30%,
  • the ninth floor of the comprehensive building has been roofed
  • the layout plan of API 4 module has been confirmed
  • the design completion ratio of TJ West CMMD plant is 40%,
  • the new master plan planning documents have been submitted and the survey solicitation has been completed.

Asymchem DH1 plant renovation and construction project nearing completion

  • The installation of the reserved area of Building 7 in DH1 was successfully completed
  • the completion rate of the 50-liter tank area renovation project is 99%
  • equipment renovation, piping construction, and construction of various specialties have been completed and are being verified;
  • the renovation work related to project 8998 is steadily progressing,
  • two new production lines are added to Building 6, which is expected to be finished at the end of March;
  • the completion rate of the installation work of module 16 of the new Building 5 is 40%;
  • the completion rate of the construction of the comprehensive building is 79%, and the main structure is completed.


Newly Joined Talent

Guangze Li joined Clin-nov Medical as the Deputy General Manager on January 25th, 2022, reporting to the CEO of Clin-nov Medical, Ms. Rui Yang, and Co-CEO of Clin-nov Medical, Mr. Qing Liang. Mr. Guangze Li will be responsible for the management of major clinical operation projects, SSU, recruitment tumor patients, procurement, academic exchange and maintaining experts, as well as facilitating the rapid development of clinical research services provided by Clin-nov Medical.

Mr. Guangze Li graduated from Harbin Medical University with a major in pharmacy. He is now pursuing a doctorate in biomedical engineering at Sun Yat-Sen University. He is a member of the Medical Ethics Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and a youth member of the Clinical Trials Committee of the Chinese Pharmacological Society. Mr. Guangze Li worked for Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceuticals as the Operation Lead of the early phase clinical trials in Clinical Research Department. He has abundant experience in clinical trials, and the marketed drugs where Mr. Guangze Li has played a key role in the clinical trials include Agomelatine, Capecitabine, Azilsartan, Repaglinide-Metformin, Temozolomide, Camrelizumab (PD-1), Fluzoparib Capsules (Parp1), covering a wide range of therapeutic areas. In the years of work practice, he has accumulated rich experience in both project management and team management.