Asymchem Technology Fermentation

Developing Enzymes In-house Ensures Savings and Control

As part of our comprehensive biotransformation offerings, we’ve developed significant expertise in fermentation to make biocatalysts for APIs or intermediates. Additionally we are developing our capabilities to manufacture enzyme therapeutics, initially for oral dosage forms, in the future for injectables.

Our experts can investigate the replacement of an expensive commercial enzyme in a technical package with an inhouse enzyme. This saves cost, reduces dependence on an external supplier, and allows full control of enzyme production/supply as needed for the project, on demand.

  • Diverse, large proprietary enzyme library available in-house for screening
  • Replacing chemical process with superior enzyme technology to reduce cost compared to precious metal catalysts
  •  More environmentally friendly option than using precious metal catalysts
  • High selectivity for making chiral compounds (milder conditions)
  • Expert inhouse biotechnology team
  • Via enzyme evolution: option to tailor enzyme to a specific substrate (customer compound)
  • Cost saving through use of enzyme broth instead of expensive, imported commercial powder enzyme (including costly international cold shipping and high duties)
  • Close collaboration of biotechnology department with chemistry department at singular site