API Solutions


Asymchem APIs Intermediates Fermentation

Reducing Cost and Ensuring Supply

Fermentation expertise is an essential component of our comprehensive biotransformation offerings. Co-located a small molecule R&D site, fermentation manufacturing can handle organic solvents and has a very broad analytical infrastructure. We’re equipped to explore alternative, new synthesis and process strategies to ultimately replace expensive commercial enzymes. This not only saves money, it also reduces the dependence on external suppliers.

Instruments available:

  • Frame filter
  • Continuous flow centrifuge
  • High-pressure homogenizer
  • Tangential flow filtration system, including microfiltration/ultrafiltration
  • Spray drying
  • Lyophilizers — both lab and pilot scale


  • Fermenters 
    • Lab Scale & Pilot Scale
    • 4×5L, 2×15L,  2×50L, 2×200L
  • Commercial Scale
    • 4×500L,  2×5000L