Flow Chemistry

Sustainable Access to Drug Substance

Over the last ten years, Asymchem’s Chemical Engineering Lab (CEL) has led our flow chemistry service solutions and developed multiple platforms and processes. The resulting mastery of “end-to-end” continuous flow production allows our team of specialized scientists and engineers to fabricate new reactors and develop robust processes to match reaction requirements. These flow chemistry solutions offer customers multiple advantages including improved safety and efficiency, space savings, increased production capacity, and paired with in situ reaction monitoring (PAT).

To date, CEL has developed platforms for process screening, equipment especially designed for process validation and prototype reactors. Applying these advances, we’ve been able to easily judge flow reaction feasibility, transfer new technology to production, and scale-up applications quickly — all while applying cGMP requirements.

Reaction Types

Cryogenic reactions (≤ -20ºC)
High temperature reactions (≥ 150ºC)
Diazomethane reactions
Ozonation / Ozonolysis reactions
Oxidation with peroxides
Catalytic hydrogenation reactions
Preparation and application of Grignard reagents
Hazardous reactions involving azide or hydrazine reagents
Reactions with gases including acetylene, ethylene, ammonia, etc.

Process Development Solutions

Flow-chemistry feasibility assessment
Process development and optimization
Validation and up-scaling
Model design (new technology platform)
Technical package optimization
Technical transfer from lab to plant
Continuous improvement
Process optimization for all scales – R&D lab, kilolab, and commercial scale