Hazardous Reactions

Asymchem Technology Hazardous Reactions

Managing Safety Concerns at Scale

While certain chemical reactions by their nature are hazardous — especially when scaled up — we’re committed to applying innovative techniques to manage safety concerns. Continuous flow chemistry — a core technological focus here at Asymchem — is the ideal solution to such manufacturing hazards. Over the last decade, our experts have successfully developed novel flow processes for a variety of typical hazardous reactions on clinical and commercial supply scales with in-house designed equipment.

Whether in batch or continuous flow, Asymchem performs a complete hazard assessment prior to scaling a process involving hazardous chemistry to ensure safe operation.  Our Process Safety Lab performs  thermal  screening and calorimetry to  understand  thermal  hazards of  the  chemistry, thermal and mechanical stability testing of product, and other process-related hazards such as vent sizing determination to understand engineering requirements for processes that generate gases. All processes that are scaled undergo a rigorous HAZOP process to ensure safe operation.

Capabilities and Advantages

  • Dedicated Process Safety Lab equipped to assess thermal and mechanical risks of hazardous reactions (i.e. DSC, TSu, ARC, RC1, Fall Hammer)

  • Strong EHS culture to ensure safety of people and environment

  • Track record of operational safety and regulatory compliance

  • Manufacturing equipment with engineering controls designed for running processes that involve hazardous reactions

  • Experience with hazardous chemistries in both batch and continuous flow such as reactions using diazomethane and azide reactions, ozonation, nitration, and processes using reactive gases