High-Pressure Chemistry

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Leveraging Experience from Modeling to Manufacturing

API manufacturing often takes advantage of high pressure chemistry — those reactions involving a gas as a reagent such as catalytic hydrogenation. At Asymchem we’ve spent considerable time establishing a dedicated research team and building significant capacity at our two main API manufacturing sites to support this core technology. Our 300-3000L autoclaves are rated at 4-9 MPa, and are stainless steel and Hastelloy.

  • Well equipped R&D facility with parallel screening equipment and bench-scale autoclaves
  • Reaction modeling for efficient transfer to manufacturing scale
  • Extensive and redundant large-scale manufacturing capacity
  • Experience adapting batch high pressure processes to continuous flow

Services & Capacities

  • Microscale experimental techniques (1-10 mg)
  • Small-scale pilot simulation
  • 48 vial Parallel screening
  • 24 vial scaling-up screening ability
  • Reaction kinetics measurement
  • Small pilot workshop
  • Full equipment kLa data set up, which maintains constant pressure automatically
  • Automatic data collection (Hydrogen absorption kinetics can be realized)