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Asymchem Attends the 20th CPhI China

The 20th Annual CPhI China was held December 16–18, in Shanghai. As an exhibitor, Asymchem showcased its service offerings and technological innovations. More than 100 conferences and events were held during the same time, including high-end forums for in-depth industry development seminars promoting sharing, collaboration, and partnering opportunities among industry experts.

Asymchem receives “Advanced Foreign-Invested Enterprise in Tianjin” Award

Recently, the Tianjin Advanced Foreign-Invested Enterprise Experience Sharing Meeting was held in Tianjin. Asymchem was awarded “Advanced Foreign-Invested Enterprise in Tianjin” and invited to attend the ceremony. Under the leadership of the Tianjin Municipal Government, Asymchem was recognized for its positive cooperation and resumption of work and production in an orderly manner to fight against the pandemic.

Asymchem awarded “WISE 2020 China’s Most Influential Enterprise of the King of New Economy”

Recently, Asymchem has been selected as one of the top six biopharmaceutical companies in the medical and health sector on the “WISE 2020 China’s Most Influential Enterprise of the King of New Economy” list. The list focuses on the performance of companies in three areas: growth potential, capital value, and R&D and innovation.



Technology Updates

Chemical Engineering Department’s Reaction Kinetics Process Development Business Expansion

The Chemical Engineering Department (CED) of Asymchem recently expanded its reaction kinetics process development business. CED uses automated reaction condition control equipment such as Easymax and RC1, combined with an online infrared detector, online HPLC, and other real-time detection tools to accurately obtain reaction process data. The department utilizes advanced software tools to regress reaction kinetic parameters on reaction data combined with reaction mechanism, and finds the key factors affecting reaction speed, conversion rate, and impurity level. This allows for a small number of experiments needed to obtain accurate experimental data and establish the reaction model. It uses the reaction model to simulate a large number of virtual experiments and verify the accuracy of the model, to quickly find the control range of process parameters, and to guide the process scale-up and large-scale production scientifically.

Patent Granted:  “A Synthetic Method of Aromatic Acetal Compounds”

Asymchem’s patent “A synthetic method of aromatic acetal compounds” was granted (No. CN107311829B). By continuously feeding the mixed solution of reaction raw materials into the reactor for enaminization reaction, it successfully realizes the continuous enaminization reaction and the continuous production of aromatic acetal compounds. This significantly shortens the reaction time, largely improves the reaction efficiency, and reduces the production cost, which is expected to better meet the market demand for aromatic acetal.

 Patent Granted:  “Continuous Preparation Device and System for Grignard Reagent” granted

Asymchem’s patent “Continuous Preparation Device and System for Grignard Reagent” was granted (No. CN212068771U). The utility model provides a Grignard reagent continuous preparation device and system, includes column reactor and oscillator, which can realize the continuous and efficient mixing and reaction of halogenated hydrocarbon raw materials and magnesium metal. Advantages include shortening the reaction time and obtaining a high concentration of Grignard reagent. The application of this device avoids the problems with excessive internal pressure and unstable reaction conditions with the traditional reaction system. It also increases safety and improves the quality of Grignard reagent products.


Construction Updates

 TJ3 API Building 2 To Be Completed Soon

The overall completion rate of Asymchem TJ3 API Building 2 construction project is 99%. The building is divided into 6 major quality control non-classified areas (CNC) and 7 Class D clean areas. The CNC areas contain 200-3000L glass-lined reactors and 200L-1000L stainless steel reactors. The Class D areas contain 500L-2000L glass-lined reactors and 1000L-2000L Hastelloy reactors. At present, the glass-lined reactors and CNC area reactors have been accepted, and other main equipment has been installed and is being verified. The completion of this construction will further expand Asymchem’s API production capacity and meet customers’ customized demand for high-end API production.

Asymchem DH1 Building 4 Project Enters Final Stage

Asymchem DH1 Building 4 project consists of 4 GMP modules, including GMP1 to GMP3 with a total reactor volume of 235.5m3, and GMP4 continuous reaction module with 39 sets of continuous production equipment. Except for the air conditioning validation of the D-class area, the validation of the rest of the equipment has been completed. The project is 99% complete. When complete it will further expand Asymchem’s cGMP capacity and lay a solid foundation for more commercial projects.


Other Noteworthy News

Business Progress of Tianjin KaiNuo Pharmaceutical

Since 2020, KaiNuo has co-organized with Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau and Tianjin Economic Development Area to hold several innovative drug summits and cell industry development conferences. They have joined hands with TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital to build the Binhai Center, is actively exploring a new model of cooperation between medical enterprises; and acquired GoalGen Biotech to strengthen the service capacity of the CRO segment. Up to now, KaiNuo has carried out more than ten new class I drug trials consecutively, and will introduce more innovative drug clinical trials to Tianjin in the future driving the growth of Tianjin’s innovative drug industry.