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Recent News 


Asymchem sponsors “Advanced Manufacturing Professional Committee” 


Recently, the China Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering Association approved the establishment of the “Advanced Manufacturing Professional Committee.” The committee is sponsored by Asymchem, and co-sponsored by five other companies: LUYE Life Science Group, Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Industry Development Co., Ltd., CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Desano Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The committee will set standards for advanced manufacturing technologies, make policy recommendations to relevant Chinese government departments, and promote the advantages of advanced manufacturing technologies.




Technology Updates


Synthesis of Electrochemically Coupled Terpenes, A Scripps Research Institute & Asymchem Collaboration

Recently, Asymchem published an R&D paper in “Science” (2021 impact factor: 47.728) – “Modular Terpene Synthesis Enabled by Mild Electrochemical Couplings.” The research was conducted by Asymchem’s Center of Excellence for Process Science, in collaboration with Phil S. Baran’s group at the Scripps Research Institute. The paper highlights a breakthrough in the field of electrochemical synthesis by successfully achieving the synthesis of electrochemical terpenes.


A chiral amino heterocyclic compound and its derivative preparation method – Receives Patent

Recently, a chiral amino heterocyclic compound and its derivative preparation method developed by Asymchem was granted a patent (CN111349667A). The method generates chiral amino compounds from the corresponding ketone compounds in one step, which greatly shortens  reaction steps. It achieves 70-90% yield, high optical purity, and stable ee value above 96%. The method has a simple and easy technical process with stable conditions and mild reaction conditions when compared with traditional chemical methods. It also avoids the use of strong oxidizing agents, strong reducing agents, and dangerous reagents. Low preparation cost, mild conditions, and low environmental pollution are also key advantages.


Recent Fixed Asset Investment


Asymchem TJ construction site is progressing accordingly:

– 36% of the CBST plant project is completed. So far, masonry plastering and roof waterproofing of R&D center have been completed.
– 15% of the CMMD plant is completed, architectural and structural drawings of R&D center and production plant have also been completed.
– 70% of the TJ3 north side plot design is completed. The third-floor laboratory of the R&D center, warehouse and power station are expected to be delivered in June along with the laboratory installation on the fourth floor of the R&D center to be delivered in July.
– 15% of the API4 plant on the north side of TJ3 is completed, the construction of the main body, the formwork of the pilot area, and the bottom plate of the sewage station are completed. The completion of the plant will help to continuously increase production capacity and improve operational efficiency, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent smooth development of the company’s strategy.


The construction projects of Asymchem DH sites reach completion

The DH1 site is 99% completed. Module 16 in Building 5 is 95% complete, and the renovations related to Project 8998 are steadily progressing. Among them, building 2, module 7 added 1 production line, equipment replacement completed, process piping finishing, is expected to be delivered in June.  Building 6 added 2 production lines, module 20 and module 19 site construction completed and have been put into production. 5 production lines in building 5 and 6 completed transformation of part of the equipment for Step3&4 process modification. 
DH2 50 vertical tank area is 99% installed along with PSSR rectification complete and site detailing completed. 
For DH3 raw material plant construction project, building 1, distillation module and hydrogenation module have been delivered. Building 4 is expected to be delivered in July. The completion of future projects will further enhance the company’s production capacity, better meet the internal demand for raw materials, and effectively strengthen the supply chain management and security.




Business progress of Clin-nov Medical


Clin-nov Medical successfully passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification

In April, Clin-nov Medical successfully passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification audit with zero written findings. As a subsidiary of Clin-nov, Improve-Quality was also included in the ISO9001:2015 certification for the first time. This time, the experts adopted a combination of online and offline audit, and conducted a comprehensive inspection of the quality policy. The completion of quality objectives and the control of the service process through one-on-one inquiry, viewing and sampling. After the strict and detailed review by the audit team, the company’s work indexes met the requirements of ISO9001:2015 quality management system standard, and the ISO9001:2015 certificate was issued in April. 


Newly Joined Talent


Ms. Yue He will join Clin-nov Medical as the Director of Human Resources Operation on Monday, May 26th, 2022, reporting to the Deputy General Manager Ms. Xiaoxiao Gu.

In this role, Ms. Yue He will be responsible for improving and optimizing the management and operation system of the Dept. of Human Resources and Administration in Clin-nov Medical. Ms. He will develop and implement HR policies and operation processes as well as the improvement of the Talent & Learning Development system. 
Graduated from Beihang University as a master’s degree in Business Administration, Ms. Yue He has 17 years of work experience in human resource management. She has served Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, and thus experienced different stages of enterprise development. During her previous career, Ms. He successfully addressed complex situations by continuously optimizing the company’s strategic goals to achieve the required human resources plan strategies. Ensuring balance between resource input and output and keeping focus on talents and their development. She was responsible for the budget on human resources, recruitment, corporate culture, performance, salary, and bonus assessment and distribution, therefore accumulating extensive experience in the management of human resources and team management.

Dr. Lin Zhang officially joined AsymBio as Senior Director of PM on May 16th, 2022, reporting to AsymBio CTO Mr. Kai Gao.

Dr. Lin Zhang will be responsible for the overall project management (PM) of AsymBio, supporting the whole project life cycle, tracking project quotation, start-up, execution and closure. At the same time, be responsible for promoting AsymBio biomacromolecule and ADC one-stop service projects, coordinating the connection and communication with other business units of the corporate. With the development of the overall business, he will also be responsible for optimizing the project management process to reserve capabilities for the rapid growth of AsymBio business. Dr. Lin Zhang, accomplished his doctor’s degree of Genetics at Fudan University in 2008. He had been with Abcam (China), WuXi Biologics, and Lyvgen Biopharma as Director of Project Management. He has 10 years working experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with sophisticated understanding in biological drug development process. He has demonstrated capability in leading multiple IND-enabling projects to approval and FIH clinical study.