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Asymchem 2020 Shareholder Annual Meeting

May 7th – Asymchem held its 2020 Shareholder Annual Meeting at Intercontinental Yujiapu Hotel, Binhai New Area, Tianjin. Ms. Rui Yang, COO of Asymchem, presented the overall status and future development strategy of the company. CFO of Asymchem, Mr. Da Zhang expanded on business and growth strategy moving forward. More than 100 investors actively participated in the meeting inquiring about overall strategy, new technology applications, investments and future financing, M&A planning, talent acquisition, and organizational structure of the company.

Asymchem Awarded “Outstanding Green Development Enterprise” in the pharmaceutical industry of the 13th Five-Year Plan

May 10 – The 3rd President (Expansion) Conference of the 8th Session of China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association and the 38th China Pharmaceutical Industry Development Summit Forum was held in Shanghai. The award ceremony of the pharmaceutical industry “13th Five-Year Plan” “Enterprise Management Award” was held at the same time. The selection was jointly organized by eight national pharmaceutical associations including the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association. Asymchem won the “Outstanding Green Development Enterprise” award in the pharmaceutical industry of the “13th Five-Year Plan”. The award recognizes Asymchem as a leader in the field of green pharmaceuticals.

Asymchem Holds Forum: “One-stop CMC Services and Clinical Strategy for Innovative Drug Development under the New Paradigm”

May 28 – Asymchem held the “Pujiang Night” in Shanghai, a one-stop CMC service and clinical strategy forum for innovative drug development under the new paradigm. More than 100 top experts, scholars, key policy leaders, well-known entrepreneurs, and investment leaders in the field of innovative drug development gathered at the bank of Huangpu River to discuss the opportunities and challenges of innovative drug development. Dr. Hao Hong, Chairman and CEO of Asymchem attended the meeting, while Ms. Rui Yang, Chief Operating Officer of Asymchem, delivered a keynote speech titled: “Past, Present, and Future”. Senior executives of Asymchem and the guests at the conference focused on current innovation trend in the pharmaceutical industry and discussed the future development of innovative drugs considering multiple perspectives of medical policies and regulations as they relate to one-stop CMC.


Technology Updates

Lipase Patent Granted

The lipase independently developed by Asymchem has been granted a patent by China National Intellectual Property Administration (CN112375751B). Through enzyme evolution technology, Asymchem developed a new lipase, which can specifically synthesize chiral acids. The evolved enzyme has a high catalytic activity, and the obtained product EE value is as high as 99%.

Monooxygenase Patent Granted

The monooxygenase independently developed by Asymchem has been granted a patent by China National Intellectual Property Administration (CN110257348B). Through enzyme evolution technology, Asymchem has developed a new monooxygenase that can be used for the specific synthesis of chiral sulfoxides. The evolved enzyme has a high catalytic activity, the EE value of the product is up to 99%, and the hard-to-remove sulfoxide byproduct is very low, simplifying the product post-processing process to the greatest extent.

Modified Ketone Reductase Mutant Patent Granted

Asymchem modified ketone reductase mutant was granted a patent by China National Intellectual Property Administration (CN108048416B). The invention relates to the technical field of genetic engineering, in particular to an improved ketone reductase mutant and its preparation method and application, which can significantly improve the activity, stability, soluble expression, and selectivity of ketone reductase and reduce the amount of ketone reductase by designing the mutation at multiple different sites of amino acids from 12 to 214.

Asymchem has successfully developed and applied process safety assessment methodology using heat of the reaction

After years of development, a set of methods for evaluating reaction heat hazard by using reaction calorimetry curve has been summarized in Asymchem Process Safety Laboratory. By developing and applying the reaction kinetics model, the heat of reaction can be effectively measured and evaluated, and the temperature control measures in scaled-up production can be monitored and tracked in real-time, to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents caused by reaction heat accumulation and flight temperature, and ensure the safety of production.