Empowering Every Step of the Process

In December 2022, Asymchem’s Boston site was established to provide direct service to biotech clients with a focus on providing a full range of operations and services for the company’s global partners. The site’s focus on small molecules, oligonucleotides, and peptides is only a small piece of their entire work scope.

The site is fully equipped and capable of carrying projects through early-stage phase development and beyond, including API process development, preliminary pre-formulation, solid characterization, and research and development efforts for both drug substances and drug products. The various labs led by Asymchem’s dedicated scientists are a focal point in enhancing clients’ CMC experience to make it more seamless and diversified.

As an extension of Asymchem’s China-based manufacturing, the Boston site is a necessary addition that assists in scaling projects in a more efficient timeframe without compromising the quality. As a one-stop shop for CDMO services, Boston’s site rounds out Asymchem’s internal ecosystem to support not only rising biotech companies but also more established ones that seek a fully integrated CMC experience.

Service Offerings

  • Discovery Support
    • Fast access of building blocks and scaffolder
    • Fast purification and chiral separation
    • Experience with structure complexity
    • Library synthesis
    • Discovery Process Chemistry
  • Chemical Process R&D
    • Synthetic route scouting
    • Process R&D
    • Scale up (up to 100g now, kilo scale in Q3)
    • Fit for purpose Safety Assessment
    • Preliminary DoE study
  • Solid Form Characterization
    • Crystal, salt and cocrystal screening
    • Fit for purpose solid form selection
    • Preliminary physicochemical and pharmaceutical profiling
  • Analytical
    • Fit for purpose analytical method development
    • Preliminary stability study
    • Solid characterization


  • Chemical Process R&D
    • ISCO
    • Prep. HPLC
    • Benchtop reactors up to 10L
    • Vacuum oven
    • Kilo-Lab with reactors up to 100L (in Q3)
  • Solid Form Characterization
    • PLM
    • DSC/TGA
    • DVS
    • Crystal 16
    • XRPD (TBD)
  • Analytical
    • HPLC/UPLC with PDA and CAD
    • LC-MS
    • Karl Fischer
    • GC
    • NMR (TBD)

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