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Asymchem’s Zhenjiang R&D and production site begins construction

On February 26 – Jiangsu Province’s key project commencement ceremony and Zhenjiang City’s key project commencement ceremony was held. The new comprehensive R&D and production site in Zhenjiang will be an interictal part of Asymchem’s “one-stop” service platform that integrates drug synthesis technology research, biological and genetic engineering technology development, specialized analytical testing services, process safety testing services, and drug production. The completion of  Asymchem Pharmaceutical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (Asymchem’s wholly-owned subsidiary) will be an important milestone for the company’s strategic layout in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Opening Ceremony of “Biosynthesis Technology R&D Center” of Asymchem

March 1, 2021 – the opening ceremony of Asymchem’s “Biosynthesis Technology R&D Center” was successfully held.  Senior executives of Asymchem were in attendance. The establishment of the “Biosynthesis Technology R&D Center” supports the company’s wide application of core technologies such as bioenzyme catalysis and biosynthesis. Read More

Technology Updates

Asymchem is building an mRNA drug technology platform

As a leading global CDMO one-stop integrated service provider Asymchem offers process development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals, including mRNA drugs. To build on its already integrated portfolio, Asymchem built a technologically advanced bioengineering center staffed by an experienced bioprocess development team. With its technical prowess, Asymchem is continuously increasing the proportion of self-developed mRNA in vitro transcription reagents to reduce production costs. In addition, Asymchem is actively exploring new technical pathways for mRNA synthesis, striving to eliminate the inhomogeneity of the existing in vitro transcription process at the 5′ and 3′ ends of the product, and developing new ideas for mRNA synthesis.

Asymchem has formed five technology platforms: enzyme development and screening platform, enzyme production platform, biotransformation platform, immobilization platform, and biosynthesis platform. Among them, the biosynthesis platform provides services such as peptide biosynthesis, cell-free synthesis, and oligonucleotide acid biosynthesis. The platform allows Asymchem to explore mRNA in vitro transcriptional biosynthesis technology, simplify mRNA synthesis and purification process, accelerate the process of new drug development and meet clinical needs through technical research.

Patent Granted: “Method for the Continuous Synthesis of 2-Fluorophenylboronic Acids

Asymchem’s patent of “Method for the continuous synthesis of 2-fluorophenylboronic acid analogues” was granted (No. CN109134521B). The invention provides a method for the continuous synthesis of 2-fluorophenylboronic acid compounds. The method is suitable for scale-up production because of the easy availability and low price of raw materials. The whole synthesis process adopts a continuous synthesis process, and the reaction time of each stage can be precisely controlled, which is conducive to controlling the reaction time of the lithiation stage and reducing the amount of impurities produced, thus improving the purity and yield of the end product.

Patent Granted: “Liquid Phase Synthesis Method of Iterotropic Peptides” granted

Asymchem’s patent of “Liquid-phase synthesis method of etacrynic acid peptide” was granted (No. CN111925418B). The invention provides a liquid-phase synthesis method of etacrynic acid peptide. The traditional solid-phase synthesis method has problems such as low purity of crude peptide, misconnected disulfide bonds, many impurities, and difficult to purify, while the liquid-phase synthesis method can solve various problems of the conventional technology, and has the advantages of high purity of the final product (98.2%), cheap and easy to obtain raw materials, simple post-treatment and easy to purify, easy to operate, and suitable for industrial mass production.

Tianjin Innovation Center for Clinical Research News

Tianjin Innovation Center for Clinical Research (TICCR),  approved for special funding

The TICCR was recently granted a special fund of 5 million RMB to serve small and medium-sized biopharmaceutical enterprises. The center is now actively cooperating with Tianjin to promote the construction of “Cell Valley”, helping ” returning Chinese-national entrepreneurs to locate their stem cell companies in Tianjin, and actively assisting in clinical trials to facilitate the transformation of projects into industrialization. After the Chinese New Year, the center received more than 20 clinical research applications from interested companies.