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Asymchem Released 2020 Annual Report

April 15 – Asymchem released its 2020 annual report. The company’s total operating revenue reached 3.15 billion RMB, an increase of 28.04% year-over-year. Fourth-quarter revenue hit a record high at 1.067 billion RMB, which is a 48.69% increase from the same quarter of 2019. Excluding exchange rate fluctuation, amortization expense of equity incentives, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company increased by 41.84% year-over-year. The company completed a total of 686 projects, including 32 commercial-stage projects, 241 clinical-stage projects, and 413 technical service projects. The number of late-stage and commercial projects increased steadily, remains a solid foundation for Asymchem’s continuous revenue growth. Read More >

2021 First-quarter Report

April 23 – Asymchem released the first-quarter report for 2021. First-quarter revenue was 777 million RMB, up 63.45% from the same period of the previous year. The net profit attributable to the parent company was 154 million RMB, up 42.86% for the same period year-over-year, with basic earnings per share of 0.64 RMB. Net profit attributable to the parent company, excluding non-recurring gains and losses, was RMB129 million, up 38.67% year-over-year.

Ms. Rui Yang, COO of Asymchem, attended “2021 China Pharmaceutical Innovation 100 Summit”

April 10 – The “2021 China Pharma Innovation 100 Summit” was held in Shanghai under the guidance of the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association and co-organized by the “Healthcare Executive” journal. Ms. Rui Yang, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Asymchem, attended the summit and hosted the “Innovation 100 Eco Dialogue” session. The session discussed the current trend of CDMO evolution and its’ impact on China’s pharmaceutical innovation, the challenges and benefits of cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs, and the challenges and standards of CDMO quality regulation under the MAH system.


Technology Updates

Asymchem’s Designed and Developed Flow Continuous Equipment Completes Production Testing

The continuous zinc reagent preparation reactor designed and assembled by Asymchem has completed a test run on a production scale. The capacity of a single set can reach 3~5 mt per day (concentration 18-25%). The volume of this continuous reactor is only 1/10 of the batch reactor. It can control the temperature automatically and precisely to avoid material and heat accumulation caused by continuous feeding and discharging. It offers significant advantages over batch reaction in safety, product quality, and labor and cost-saving. Read More >

Asymchem’s Amino Acid Dehydrogenase Patent Granted

Asymchem’s self-developed amino acid dehydrogenase has been granted a patent by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (No. CN109022381B). Asymchem developed a new amino acid dehydrogenase through enzyme evolution technology, which can be used for the biosynthesis of many D-amino acids. The evolved amino acid dehydrogenase has high activity and the obtained product ee value is up to 99%.

Asymchem’s Aminotransferase Patent Granted

Asymchem’s self-developed aminotransferase has been granted a patent by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (No. CN107828751B). Asymchem developed a new aminotransferase through enzyme evolution technology which can be used for the biosynthesis of heterocyclic chiral amines. The evolved aminotransferase has high activity and specificity, and the product ee value is up to 99%.

TICCR Development

TICCR’s keynote presentation at Oracle Health Sciences Connect 2021

April 21 – The Oracle Health Sciences Connect was held in China. The event brought together industry thought-leaders in pharmaceutical industry and showcased chin-focused industrial trends to global audience. Oracle’s Principle Partner in China, Guorong’s IT Vice President and Deputy Director of TICCR Ms. Lu Lu,  shared a keynote speech on “AI and Pharmacovigilance Creating a New Era in R&D”. The presentation focused on how to combine AI, RPA robotics, and the Oracle Argus system to help users handle clinical drug safety quickly, accurately, and compliantly. As well as how to leverage the power of new technology innovation to empower pharmacovigilance to meet future demands.

Clin-nov Medical

Clin-nov Medical to participate 2021 Biopharmaceutical Innovation Technology Conference

April 9 – Clin-nov Medical was invited to participate in the 2021 Biopharmaceutical Innovation Technology Conference. Mr. Liang Qing, Vice President of Asymchem and Co-CEO of Clin-nov Medical, gave a keynote presentation and a special interview entitled “How to improve the success rate of stem cell drug reporting – Analysis of key issues in IND stage”. Mr. Liang Qing said that the number of contracts in the first quarter of Clin-nov Medical has reached a third of last year’s total. In the future, the company will continue to serve pharmaceutical companies and help to accelerate drug launches, while depending on the resource advantages of Asymchem to reach commercial production of drugs.

Clin-nov Medical hosted a successful academic summit

April 16 – Clin-nov Medical, Yugen Medtech and Beijing Changping Science Park Development Co., Ltd. successfully held an academic summit on “Cell Therapy Product Preclinical and Clinical Key Point Control” in Beijing, China. The summit attracted more than 100 senior executives and technical professionals from innovative companies in the field of cell therapy to discuss key issues in cell formulation, target selection, clinical trials, and application of therapy, and to look for new opportunities in the development of cell therapy. The success of this summit creates more opportunities and collaborations between enterprises, universities and research institutes to provide full-cycle services in original innovation, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, product development, production, and marketing.