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Asymchem 2021 3rd Quarter Results

On October 26, Asymchem released 2021 third quarter financial results.  Asymchem has maintained solid growth, achieving total revenue of 2.923 billion RMB, up by 40.34% year-over-year. A single-quarter revenue of the third quarter is 1.163 billion RMB, up by 42.34% year-over-year, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was 266 million RMB, up by 39.30% year-over-year. Asymchem has continued the mindset of “technology-driven, market-oriented and lean management” throughout the year by maintaining market leadership position in small molecule drug business while rapidly promoting the development of emerging businesses and achieving steady growth in performance.

Asymchem Accolades Continue

Asymchem has rapidly promoted emerging businesses, in the state of “small molecule business with strong momentum and diversified development of emerging businesses”, and has been honored with several awards:

  • July 2021 – “2020 Top 20 China CRO Enterprises (including CDMOs)” sponsored by MENET

  • September 2021 –”Top 20 CDMO Companies in China” sponsored by YaoZH

  • October 2021– “Excellent Brand of API Export-oriented Enterprises” sponsored by China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association

  • 2020 – Top 100 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in China and Top 50 Pharmaceutical R&D in China” sponsored by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Pharmaceutical Association

Technology Updates

Asymchem Monooxygenase Patent Was Granted

Based on the existing enzyme library and the core technology of the enzyme evolution platform, Asymchem has independently developed a class of monooxygenases, which has been granted a patent (CN110055230 B). These enzymes can catalyze the synthesis of high purity sulfoxide compounds (Conv. >99%, ee value >95%) with high efficiency, and together with the ketone reductase (CN108048417 B) developed by Asymchem too, they form a green catalytic route for the side chain (R, R)-1-oxo-3-hydroxytetrahydrothiophene, which solves the problem of excessive solvent usage in chemical synthesis and effectively reduces the generation of three wastes. The green catalytic route has solved the problem of excessive solvent use in chemical synthesis and effectively reduced the generation of three wastes.

Asymchem Patents a Mutant of Amino Acid Dehydrogenase and its Preparation/Application

An amino acid dehydrogenase mutant and its preparation method and application developed by Asymchem was granted a patent (CN108795893B). The amino acid dehydrogenase mutant in this invention reduces the amount of amino acid dehydrogenase used by designing mutations at multiple different sites from amino acid positions 41 to 301. Compared with the wild-type enzyme, it improves the conversion efficiency, stability, catalytic activity by more than 5 times, and the e.e. value can reach more than 99%, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical field.

Fixed Assets Investments

Several New Plant Construction Projects at TJ Simultaneously

To increase production capacity, improve operational efficiency and meet the growing needs of new business expansion, Asymchem’s TJ sites have started several new plant construction projects simultaneously.

  • TJ3 API Building 3 construction project has 95% completion rate

  • The design completion rate of TJ3 north side plot is 10%

  • TJ fermentation plant is 50% completed, pile foundation construction started on October 23

  • The Asymchem-Ribo joint venture plant is 80% complete

  • TJ CMMD plant is 15% complete, expected to be refinished in September 2022

The completion of the plants will further expand Asymchem’s API production service capacity and meet customers’ demand for customized production of high-end APIs.

Renovations and Construction at Asymchem’s DH1, DH2, and DH3 Plants

Asymchem DH1 8988 project-related renovation and reconstruction are progressing as follows:

  • 80% completion of the renovation of two chains in Building 5

  • Replacement of equipment in the D-class area was completed

  • 50%, completion of the renovation of one chain in Building 6

  • 5% completion of the new addition of two chains in Building 6

  • 38% completion of the installation of the reserved area in Plant No. 7

  • 70% completion of the construction of the comprehensive building

  • DH2 site is planning for the construction of waste treatment module, the construction plan design completion rate is 85%.

  • DH2 reserved module for 4AA has completed 99% of installation work

  • DH3 new raw material plant is 49% completed

  • the completion rate of building 4 and 5 is 30%.

When finished, these construction projects will further increase the production capacity of Asymchem’s keyraw materials, which will give a strong impetus to the sustainable and stable growth of the company’s performance.

Asymchem New Plant Construction in Yangtze River Delta

Asymchem’s production and construction projects in the Yangtze River Delta region are going smoothly. 70% construction of Suzhou biological R&D labs is completed. The design completion ratio of the Shanghai ADC project reached 90%. The design completion ratio of the Taixing factory is 10% (EPPD modules and API modules have completed the preliminary equipment layout plan, and the reserved area and installation position of continuous equipment have been added). The construction of this plant will lay a solid foundation for Asymchem to expand production capacity and meet additional customer projects.

Newly Joined Talent

Mr. Yang Bao, joined Asymchem on October 9, 2021, as the senior director of Asymchem Biologics Production Equipment Department, is responsible for the whole process management of Asymchem biologics plant construction, including pre-design institute communication, equipment selection, engineering site management and subsequent equipment maintenance and upgrade, and other systematic management. Mr. Yang Bao graduated from Heilongjiang University with a bachelor’s degree in biopharmaceuticals. He has held engineering and equipment management positions in large pharmaceutical companies such as Jiyu Biopharmaceutical, Dongyao Pharmaceutical, Jiangsu Pacific Minox Biopharmaceutical, Jiangsu Jihua Lingda Pharmaceutical, and Ha Pharmaceutical Group, etc. He has rich practical experience in engineering and equipment management system construction and production plant construction project management.

Dr. Wei Jin, joined Asymchem on October 18, 2021 as Executive Director of Formulation Analysis in the Formulation Department. He is responsible for formulation ARD as well as formulation QC management, quotation and project undertaking, solving various problems in new or generic drug analysis, providing study protocols, analytical method development and optimization, related method validation/ transfer/validation, familiarity, and keeping abreast of various regulatory developments, supporting pre-prescription and formulation development sample testing, controlling the quality of formulation intermediate and final products during the manufacturing process, customer communication and subordinate project schedule management. Dr. Wei Jin received his PhD in Pharmacy from Saskatchewan University, Canada in 2019. He has worked for large pharmaceutical companies such as Phenomenome Discoveries and Med-Life Discoveries in Canada, and has many years of work experience related to drug discovery and analytical method development and validation.