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Recent News 


2022 Third Quarter Report 

October 27 – Asymchem released its 2022 third quarter report. The report showed the company is maintaining growth with an operating revenue of $380M USD, up 138.25%. Net profit for shareholders is $134.8M USD, rising 269.40%. The company’s net profit after deduction is $135M USD, rising 304.25% from last year. In the first three quarters of 2022, revenue was $1.073 Billion USD, up 167.25% from last year. Net profit to shareholders was $372M USD, up 291.58%; Net profit after deduction of 368M USD, up 350.16%.

As a global industry-leading CDMO, Asymchem has achieved strong revenue growth, with small molecule business achieving revenue of $980M USD in the first three quarters, up 168%. Emerging businesses achieved revenue of $92M USD in the first three quarters, up 154%. Finally, its China business hit a revenue of $149.7 Million USD in the first three quarters, an increase of $2.2 Billion USD.


Asymchem Receives “Outstanding Partner” Award from GHDDI

In September, the Global Health Drug Development Institute (GHDDI) awarded Asymchem the “Outstanding Partner” honor, recognizing the technical services for the self-developed GDI-4405 series of new anti-COVID19 drug candidates. Based on the characteristics of the project, the team solved the problem of extremely unstable intermediates. This resolved the issue of purification of difficult-to-cure APIs in the original process through an efficient screening platform, which achieved a significant increase in production yield. This not only saved various costs, but also saved time for the customer by delivering the project in advance.



Technology Updates


Self-Developed Transaminase Mutant And Its Application Were Granted A Patent

Recently, a transaminase mutant and its application were granted a patent (CN114525265B). The transaminase mutant of this invention expands the substrate spectrum of the enzyme and improves the catalytic ability of the enzyme for large site-resistant substrates. At the same time, it enhances its stability and can catalyze the reaction under high concentration solution and high temperature conditions. In addition, the stereoselectivity of the transaminase mutant is greatly improved, which can produce chiral amines more efficiently while reducing production cost and post-processing difficulty. It’s suitable for the industrial production of chiral amines.


Asymchem’s Self-Developed Co-Immobilized Enzyme, Its Preparation Method, and Application Were Granted a Patent 

Recently, the co-immobilized enzymes, its preparation method, and application have been granted a patent (CN110951718B). The invention realizes the co-immobilization of the main enzymes and their coenzymes, which significantly improves the activity and recycling efficiency of the enzymes.



Chiral Resolution Method for Isobutyrate Compounds Was Granted A Patent 

Recently, the chiral resolution method of isobutyric acid esters was granted a patent (CN113005169B). The invention can obtain single conformation isobutyrate derivatives or corresponding hydrolyzed acids by selectively hydrolyzing racemic isobutyrate compounds with hydrolases. The hydrolase used in this method is stable and has good enantiomeric selectivity. Compared with other resolution techniques, this technique has mild reaction conditions, good availability and low-cost raw materials. It also has catalysts, simple operation, greener environmental impacts, and can be promoted for the industrial production of isobutyrate compounds.


Newly Joined Senior Executives


Mr. Yibin Wang officially joined Asymchem as Senior Director of Manufacturing on September 28th, 2022. He will report to Deputy Vice General Manager Donglian Liu & Vice General Manager Ye Shi. After joining the company, Mr. Yibin Wang will be responsible for the overall work of ADC Drug Product and supports ADC’s project management and as well as the construction of plants, personnel and equipment in the commercial ADC workshops. At the same time, he will assist the Vice General Manager of QA in carrying out pollution and cross-contamination risk assessment of the production department.

Mr. Yibin Wang graduated from Jiangnan University with a master’s degree in pharmaceutical engineering. With 16 years of industry experience, he has worked in WuXi Alliance, Hisun Pharmaceutical, Howsen Pharmaceutical and other well-known companies in the industry. He also has comprehensive experience in ADC conjugation production, ADC formulation production and process development.


Mr. Xinxing Zhang will join Clin-nov Medical as the Director of Division I of Medical Science on Monday, September 26, 2022, reporting to Dr. Yan Zhuang, Executive Director of the Medicine Department. In this role, Mr. Zhang will manage the routine work in the Division I of Medical Science. He will be responsible for developing tumor-related projects and providing medical support and scientific inputs so as to promote the rapid development of Clin-nov’s capability in the provision of medical services.

Mr. Xinxing Zhang graduated from Sichuan University with a master’s degree in oncology and a master’s degree in information science from University of Auckland in New Zealand. In addition, Mr. Zhang had worked as a physician in the Oncology Department of West China Hospital of Sichuan University for 11 years, following 5 years of work experience in clinical development prior to the launch of new drugs, where he had led the executive medical affairs during Phase I to IV clinical trials for several innovative antitumor drugs. Specifically, he assumed the role of Medical Manager, Medical Director and other roles during his employment in Sanofi, ICON, Keymed Biosciences and other companies, responsible for clinical development strategy devising and writing of protocol, summary report and other core medical documents, medical review, medical monitoring, data interpretation, project feasibility assessment (medical consultancy), analysis and interpretation of clinical trial data, late-phase development strategy making, and other pre-marketing medical affairs. One on hand, his past career makes it easy for him to provide in-depth and strong medical support for clinical research. On the other hand, Mr. Zhang has accumulated much experience in team management through years of hard work.