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Asymchem was awarded as “Top 100 Comprehensive Strength of China’s Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry in 2020” and the “Special Award of Environmental Protection and Green Pharmaceutical in 2020”

On October 13, the China Pharmaceutical Industry Technology Annual Conference and 2020 China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Annual Summit hosted by the China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry highlighted excellent enterprises and brands in China’s chemical-pharmaceutical industry. Asymchem was once again ranked among the top 100 comprehensive strengths based on our industry-leading advantages. Additionally, because of Asymchem’s success in the large-scale application of continuous flow chemistry for pharmaceutical production, we were awarded the environmental protection & green pharmaceutical special award. Read More

Mr. Maojun Lian visited Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine and Asymchem for in-depth researches

On October 14, Mr. Maojun Lian, member of the Standing Committee of Tianjin Municipal Committee, secretary of Tianjin Binhai New District Committee, visited Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine and Asymchem to conduct field research on promoting the high-quality development of the biomedical industry in the new district. Mr. Lian underlined that the biomedical industry is one of the strategic emerging industries to be developed in the new district, and it is necessary to maximize the advantages of the platform, speed up the attraction of new kinetic energy, and actively promote the transformation and creation of more scientific research achievements. The academy should give full advantage to play a leading role in leading projects, promote the integration of four chains: talent chain, innovation chain, financial chain, and industrial chain, and create a complete industrial chain with an effective connection between upstream and downstream. Read More

Asymchem Accolades Continue in China Details

On October 19, “The 11th China International Service Outsourcing Fair”, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government, and hosted by China Council for Promotion of International Investment and Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, was held in Hangzhou. Dually held was the “2020 China Digital Services and Service Outsourcing Leaders Promotion Event”. Asymchem was honored with“Top 10 Leading Service Outsourcing Enterprise” and “Top 100 Enterprise”. Dr. Hao Hong, Chairman & CEO of Asymchem, won the honorary title of “Outsourcing Service Leader”. For two consecutive years, Asymchem has been ranked as one of the “Top 10 Leading Outsourcing Service Enterprises in China” and a “Top 100 Enterprises”.  Read More

Technology Updates

Production Test Passed For New Continuous Reaction Device

The continuous Grignard reagent preparation reaction system designed and developed by Asymchem has completed the production test, with the production capacity up to 5-6t/d. The new reaction device has the advantages of a high degree of automation, safety and reliability, and stable product quality.

New and scalable continuous photochemical bromination reaction technology
Asymchem’s photochemical group of CEPS has developed a scalable continuous photochemical bromination technology. The new process could achieve the benzyl monobromo substitution of aromatic or heteroaromatic rings with wide substrate scope, robust function group compatibility and high monobromo selectivity.  Compared with the traditional thermochemical free radical bromination reaction process, the continuous photochemical bromination process is safer and more controllable. It avoids the run-away risk of reaction by heat accumulation in traditional thermochemical reactions and also avoids the disadvantages of poor monobrominated selectivity as further reaction of monobromo product due to untimely separation in batch reaction.

Peptide Biosynthesis Technology Platform

Asymchem has successfully established a high-efficiency peptide bio-synthesis and two-step purification technology platform. Compared with the traditional inclusion body expression and denature/refolding method, the new technology adopts a soluble expression strategy. This method simplifies the process and reduces cost. The purity of the target peptide could be reached to 85-90% by one-step precipitation, and further improved by preparative HPLC to 98%. The technology has been successfully applied to several pharmaceutical peptide syntheses on a lab-scale, among them, one peptide has a synthesis capacity of >300 mg/L, higher than the highest level of 100-120 mg/L reported.

Peptide-Drug Conjugates Service Platform

Asymchem started to build a Peptide-drug Conjugates (PDC) CDMO service platform for the past couple of years. The team includes 20+ members, including process chemists, analysts, manufacturing engineers, and a dedicated purification team. The technical advantages of peptide and drug linker synthesis and purification provide technical support for the production of PDC. Both short peptide <10AA and long peptide >10AA can be synthesized by LPPS and SPPS. Asymchem is capable of operating OEL≤0.05ug/m3 compounds and has a USFDA certified manufacturing facility to produce and service high potency APIs for customers worldwide.

Online Particle Track Aids R&D of Crystallization Process

The Crystallization Engineering Laboratory of Asymchem Chemical Engineering Department imported the online particle track with FBRM (Focused Beam Reflectometer) – and set up the crystallization research platform using Easymax (automated reaction and crystallization workstation) + PVM. By monitoring the entire crystallization process,  real-time in-situ in-line tracking data of crystal particle changes can be obtained, allowing scientific guides on R&D and production. This ensures that the crystalline products meet quality requirements, process performance, repeatability and stability targets.

Clinical Research Center Updates

TICCR Partners with Oracle

Since its establishment in May 2019, TICCR has joined forces with Oracle, the world’s leading provider of enterprise software services, to form a long-term strategic partnership. The areas of collaboration with Oracle currently include:

  • Oracle Argus (pharmacovigilance system)

  • Empirica (drug safety signal detection)

  • EDC (electronic data acquisition management system)

  • CTMS (clinical trial management system) and

With the support of powerful systems, TICCR can provide an integrated solution for big data in clinical research for drug discovery and development enterprises and medical institutions, which greatly improves the efficiency of data collection and management as well as data quality.

Southern Hospital signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Kainuo Pharmaceutical, a Subsidiary of Asymchem

On October 23rd, Southern Hospital of China Southern Medical University signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Asymchem’s Tianjin Kainuo Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co. With this strategic cooperation, both the hospital and enterprise will jointly promote collaboration for drug clinical trials, enhance innovation capacity of drug R&D, accelerate the pace of convergence with the international clinical trial industry standards, and contribute to the improvement of China’s clinical trial research development.