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International Summit on Chemical Reactions and Pharmaceutical Processes, Successfully Held

September 17-18, Tianjin, China – The International Summit on Chemical Reactions and Pharmaceutical Processes was held in Tianjin, China, organized by the Organic Reactions and Processes Sub-Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society and co-organized by Nankai University and Asymchem. The conference brought together more than 200 experts, scholars and researchers from universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. Domestic and international experts in academia and business brought discussions with the theme of “New Technologies, New Methods, and Green Pharmaceutical Processes”on the latest scientific achievements in a variety of fields such as natural product synthesis, asymmetric synthesis, catalytic reactions, coupling reactions, and technological innovation. Renowned professors Stephen Leffler Buchwald and Jinquan Yu, Bin Zheng from Bristol-Myers Squibb and Bo Qu from Boehringer Ingelheim also completed an excellent online presentation and discussion. The conference aims to promote collaboration between academia and companies in the pharmaceutical industry. And, to promote the combination of industry and research for the industrialization of the latest research results, helping  accelerate the development of innovative drugs in China.


Technology Updates

The Photochemical Continuous Bromination of Benzyl Compound Successfully Piloted

Benzyl bromides are important intermediates for various APIs. A handful of substituted benzyl bromides are commercially available, which means that most of benzyl bromides require custom synthesis. Traditional processes usually employ hypervalent bromide as bromine sources and external radical initiators, most of these transformations require high temperature to achieve high conversion. In addition, these methods showed poor selectivity which are accompanied by by-products of multi-substituted brominates. The Asymchem photo- and electro-chemical team excite the bromides through photochemical method to generate bromine radicals, thereby enabling benzyl bromination at room temperature. And by controlling light intensity and reaction time, the generation of multi-substituted bromine was effectively avoid. The team achieved 100 kg amplification by combining photochemistry and flow chemistry. The related results have been patented and successfully applied to the synthesis of other drugs.


Newly Joined Talent

Mr. Xiaoyuan Zhang joined Asymchem on 23rd September, 2021. He is mainly responsible for EHS management of Asymchems Dunhua (DH) site. Mr. Zhang will report to Senior Vice President Dr. Guoxi Zheng. According to the medium and long term strategic planning of the EHS department, he is responsible for optimizing a standard system of EHS management in DH sites, effectively implementing various risk controls, promoting and improving EHS internal capability training.Mr. Xiaoyuan Zhang received his B.S. in Chemistry Engineer and Process from Zhengzhou University in 2001. He Previously worked at Jiangxi    Qingfeng Pharma, Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharma and has extensive experience in EHS management, R&D and product management, especially in the design and operation of chemical synthesis pharmaceutical wastewater treatment technology.

Dr. Jian Qiu joined Asymchem as Executive Director of AsymBio Process Development on 23rd September, 2021, reports to Vice General Manager of AsymBio Mr. Donglian Liu. He is mainly responsible for leading the cell line construction , upstream and downstream and formulation team. He will support new technology development and customer projects, construct and complete the development of high expression stable cell line, solve the technical challenges related to cell lines in the IND declaration process. He is in charge of process development and scale up of cell culture, supporting protein stock solution non GMP/GMP production. Dr. Jian Qiu received his Ph.D in biochemistry and molecular biology from East China University of Science and Technology in 2014. He has successfully worked at Henlius, 3SBio and other pharmaceutical companies and has extensive experience in project management. He is familiar with the whole process development and CMC related work in the clinical application stage and has CMC related experience in Sino US dual declaration and has participated in the on-site verification of NDA for many times. He is familiar with late stage project development process, commercial production process requirements, and in-depth understanding of QbD, Process Characterization, Design Space, Control Strategy, etc.

Ms. Yiying Fan, joined Asymchem on September 23, 2021, as Senior Director of AsymBio Quality Assurance Department, is mainly responsible for establishing and improving the GMP quality management system of AsymBio according to the actual and development needs of the company, and ensuring its long-term effective operation, including the revision, integration, approval and supervision of the implementation of key SOPs (such as internal audit, etc.), supporting and participating in the establishment, discussion, implementation and execution of various company policies, indicators, systems and programs related to quality assurance; responsible for communicating with biotech customers on quality related work, maintaining good communication and cooperation with customers.