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Recent News 



Asymchem Begins Construction in Taixing city, further Enhancing Small Molecule CDMO Business 


September 27 – A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province for the construction of a new small molecule site. Mr. Zhang Kun, Secretary of Taixing Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Liu Wenrong, Mayor of Taixing City and Dr. Steven CTO & CBO, Mr. Hong Liang, Executive Vice President, Mr. Zheng Guoxi, Senior Vice President, Mr. Xu Xiangke, Vice President and Secretary of Board all from Asymchem attended the ceremony. The new construction is to further enhance Asymchem’s small molecule CDMO business and expand manufacturing capacity of raw materials, intermediates and APIs. The new facility will build up process research and development capabilities, drug product formulation, new technology development and application as well. In future, the completion of this new site construction will further strengthen Asymchem’s one-stop service capability and attract more clients in Yangtze River Delta area.


Asymchem’s Biologics Site in Fengxian Started Construction 

September 26 – A groundbreaking ceremony was held at Fengxian, Shanghai for AsymBio’s future biologics R&D and manufacturing site. The new site will mainly provide manufacturing service to cover projects from mid-/late-phase clinical stage to commercial production. The site will greatly accelerate biologics business development and further diversify Asymchem group’s integrated service offerings.

The theme of the groundbreaking ceremony was “Tidal Stream in the Huangpu River – Opening the Future, New Meteorology, New Momentum, New Development.” Several Chinese officials from the Fengxian District were in attendance as well as executives from Asymchem: Steven Hu, CTO & CBO of Asymchem, and Gao Kai, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of AsymBio, attended the ceremony.



Technology Updates


Asymchem’s Immobilized Enzyme Preparation Method and Application Authorized a Patent 

The immobilized enzyme preparation method and application developed by Asymchem was granted a patent (CN114606221B) by the China Intellectual Property Office. The invention adopts LX-109S epoxy resin as the carrier, based on the characteristics of the carrier itself and the enzyme immobilization method, which not only makes the immobilization of the enzyme more stable but also does not affect the enzyme’s activity.


The Method of Acetylene Addition Reaction with Ketones Developed by Asymchem 

The continuous flow reaction method of acetylene and ketone compound addition developed by Asymchem was granted a patent (CN110540489B) by the China Intellectual Property Office. The method invents a continuous flow reaction device that allows acetylene and ketones to react in a newly designed tubular bubble reactor at atmospheric pressure. This will improve the mixing performance of gas-liquid, effectively reduces the amount of acetylene, greatly improving the safety of high-risk reactions while reducing costs.


Polyethylene Glycol Derivatives and Their Intermediates Preparation Method was Authorized a Patent 

Polyethylene glycol derivatives and their intermediates preparation methods developed by Asymchem were granted a patent (CN114524943B) by the China Intellectual Property Office. This method cleverly utilizes the polymer properties of sulfonyl chloride resin and only requires a simple solid-liquid separation method to separate intermediates of polyethylene glycol derivatives. This will use them in subsequent reactions, which greatly simplifies the separation and purification operation. It also makes it easier to obtain the target products with high yield and high purity.


Newly Joined Senior Executives


Mr. Wu Jian, joined Asymchem on September 1, 2022, as Vice General Manager of Quality Assurance, Formulation Department. As the quality leader of TJ2 plant’s formulation business, he will continuously optimize the quality management system of the formulation business according to the company’s development strategy goals. He will also prospectively carry out protocol construction and coordinate the organization of protocol implementation. Mr. Jian will organize supplier audits, customer audits, internal audits, and various official audits, coordinate the docking of the company’s internal and customer’s quality departments.

Mr. Wu holds a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Management from Tianjin University. He has worked for Novartis, a global pharmaceutical company, in Shanghai Novartis, Ireland Novartis, Switzerland Novartis, and Beijing. He has rich working experience at home and abroad.

Mr. Shi Ye, joined Asymchem on September 19, 2022, as Vice General Manager of Asymchem Biologics and is responsible for the overall work of quality and pharmacy affairs of Asymchem Biologics. Based on the company’s strategic layout and the rapid construction of the Fengxian commercial base, he will be dedicated to improving and enhancing the company’s cGMP quality management system to ensure the long-term effective operation of all quality work. In addition to promoting the AsymBio’s quality system to be in line with international standards, he will also assist AsymBio’s business to enhance its international competitiveness. Mr. Shi will also develop drug registration strategies and plans in accordance with the company’s strategic objectives, promote the progress of registration work, and assist in the overall improvement of the pharmacovigilance team’s capabilities. Mr. Shi graduated from the State University of New York in 1996 with a Master’s degree in Biology.

Mr. Shi has more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. and China. He has been the quality leader of Gilead Science, Pfizer, Qilu Pharmaceutical, Cstone Pharmaceutical, etc. He has accumulated extensive experience in quality assurance, quality control, project management, supplier audits, plant design, and validation. He has successfully led overseas teams through on-site inspections by FDA, EMA, and Health Canada. He also has experience leading teams to pass pre-approval inspection (PAI) by the Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE), etc.