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News Highlights

Asymchem Plans to Establish A Wholly-owned Subsidiary in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China

Asymchem plans to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary, Asymchem Pharmaceutical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. in Zhenjiang. The strategic location adjacent to the Yangtze River Delta will improve the company’s whole industry chain service capabilities of pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing. It will be advantageous to Asymchem’s competitiveness and overall sustainability in the industry.

Asymchem Acquired CRO GoalGen Biotechnology

Recently, Asymchem acquired equity interest in Tianjin GoalGen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Upon completion of the acquisition, Asymcyem’s TICCR will be supported by GoalGen for business development and project operation. This acquisition will provide a  closed business loop for clients from clinical research to manufacturing and distribution. As a competitive preclinical research company with an excellent track record, GoalGen will form synergy with Asymchem’s Early Phase Pharmaceutical Development (EPPD) to expand the customer base and business interactions. Read more

Asymchem’s First Supplier Conference Held in Tianjin

On September 2, the first Asymchem supplier conference was successfully held in Tianjin. The conference’s theme was “Harmony and Joint Progress – Construction of the Supply Chain Ecosystem”, and drew more than a hundred senior representatives from suppliers across China. The conference served as a platform for suppliers to share strategies on supply chain management, development and growth for a more dynamic supply chain ecosystem. The conference also highlighted Asymchem’s extensive supply chain system and further deepened the relationships between Asymchem and its suppliers.

Asymchem was ranked among the top three CDMO companies in China in 2020

On September 10-11, the “2020 Health Industry High-Quality Development Conference and the 5th China Pharmaceutical R&D Innovation Summit” was held in Chongqing, China. The conference announced six industry awards, including the 2020 China Pharmaceutical R&D Comprehensive Strength Ranking, the 2020 China CRO Company Ranking, and the 2020 China CDMO Company Ranking. Asymchem was ranked in the top three of the “2020 China CDMO Company Ranking”, which solidifies Asymchem’s highly esteemed position within the industry.

Technology Updates

Asymchem Plans to Launch Enzyme Kits for Rapid Screening, Covering More Than 560 Different Enzymes

Asymchem plans to launch enzyme kits for quick screening that will include 14 enzyme types, with a total of more than 560 different enzymes. Features of the kit include:

  • catalyzation of different reactions

  • preparation of chiral alcohols, ammonia, acids, esters, and other compounds

  • hydroxylation reactions

  • chiral sulfoxide by Baeyer-Villiger oxidation

  • catalyze Henry reactions

  • synthesize unnatural amino acids through alkylation reaction

Customers can quickly apply Asymchem’s enzyme technology to resolve process problems and develop processes using the new enzyme kits. Asymchem has the knowledge of and the necessary equipment for enzyme fermentation production and all enzymes in the kits can guarantee stable production alleviating customer’s enzyme supply concerns. In addition, there are a large number of enzymes available for R&D use in the library. If the customer does not screen a suitable enzyme hit,  customers can contact Asymchem for additional solutions. Asymchem can obtain enzymes that can be scaled up through evolutionary technology, including improving enzyme activity, selectivity, and stability.

Asymchem Designed and Developed its High-throughput Post-process Screening Technology

Asymchem has developed a high through-put work-up screening technology. This innovative platform enables for a quick evaluation of the workup processes, such as the extraction conditions, effects of additives, and scavengers. It also has a full data analysis workflow, including layer separation time. The platform is more efficient, consumes less material, and provides richer data than traditional laboratory methods. This technology enables Asymchem to accelerate the research speed, improve research quality, and shorten the R&D cycle for clients.

Asymchem Completes Proof-of-concept for Cell-free Protein Synthesis

Asycmehm has successfully completed the proof-of-concept of cell-free synthesis, allowing for lab-scale protein amounts to potentially reach 3~4 mg/mL, which exceeds the protein amount of ~2 mg/ml previously reported. Cell-free systems have many advantages over traditional in vivo cell systems, which include controllable transcription, translation, and post-translational modification, a convenient high throughput screening format, a high synthesis rate, and product yield, as well as easy the production of soluble membrane proteins and complex proteins. It provides a novel solution for the production of difficult-to-express proteins and protein fermentation.

Asymchem’s publication in OPR&D -“Semi-continuous Process for GMP Manufacture of a Carbapenem Intermediate”

Recently, Asymchem authored an article -“Semi-continuous Process for GMP Manufacture of a Carbapenem Intermediate Via Carbene Insertion Using an Immobilized Rhodium Catalyst”- in the American Chemical Society journal, Organic Process Research & Development. The article describes a new 100kg-scale GMP manufacturing method of a carbapenem intermediate using an immobilized rhodium catalyst and a semi-continuous process. This marks another breakthrough for Asymchem in the field of continuous manufacturing. Read more

Asymchem’s Patent “Ketone Reductase Mutant and Its Application” Granted

The Asymchem patent application for ketone reductase mutant has been granted (Grant Notice No. CN111394324B). The newly obtained enzyme mutant has high selectivity and activity for ketone substrates, and its application in the catalytic reduction of ketone substrates can significantly improve the production efficiency of corresponding chiral alcohol compounds. The use of ketone reductase as a catalyst to replace traditional chemical catalysts has the advantages of mild reactions and low environmental pollution, which is in-line with the company’s green chemistry focus and is of great significance in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Asmchem’s Patent “Method of Preparing Amine Compounds with Multiple Chiral Centers” Granted

The patent, “Method of Preparing Amine Compounds with Multiple Chiral Centers” was granted (Grant Publication No. CN107805648B). The present invention discloses a method of preparing amine compounds with multiple chiral centers. Applying the technical scheme of the present invention, aminotransferase can efficiently produce chiral amines from ketones by stereoselective transamination. I can also selectively split and obtain chiral amine compounds with multiple chiral centers in one step. The new method has the advantages of inexpensive substrates and high product purity and is suitable for promoting the large-scale industrial production of chiral amines.

Clinical Research Center Updates

TICCR Participates in the Annual Meeting of the Beijing Medical Association, CEO Delivered a Special Presentation

In order to present the latest research results in medical virology and discuss the main scientific issues and research hotspots in medical virology, the Annual Conference was successfully held in Beijing on September 20, 2020, organized by the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) Beijing Branch and Beijing You’an Hospital of the Capital Medical University. Liang Qing, CEO of the Tianjin Technology Innovation Center for Clinical Research (TICCR), was invited to give a speech on “CRO for Antiviral Drug Development”. The lecture introduced the advantages of TICCR in terms of project research, preclinical trial management and registration, and shared valuable experience in the field of coronavirus and anti-HIV research.