Asymchem Technology Photo Chemistry

Maximizing the Promise of Green Chemistry

Fueled by a desire to realize more sustainable approaches, Asymchem has invested considerable resources in photochemistry. With its high efficiency and low side reactions, plus the elimination of expensive reagents and catalysts, photochemistry offers a green, cost-effective option. Coupled with our deep flow chemistry capabilities, efficiencies are multiplied.

Working with our experts and outside collaborators, we also have been able to make advancements on scaling-up projects for large-scale commercialization.

Continuous reactions include:

  • Ring-opening
  • Photo-redox
  • Photo-oxidation


  • High Irradiation intensity array LED
  • Multi-channel multispectral LEDs
  • Photo reactor – 500mL-2L & 10L
  • Flow PC with laser
  • 220V power supply
  • Mercury vapor lamps