API Solutions

Pre-clinical R&D Support

Streamlined Approach Moves Your Program Forward Rapidly

Our expertise can help accelerate your program from the bench to the clinic while maximizing value with a phase-appropriate approach. Asymchem’s comprehensive process development strategy seeks to minimize risk by ensuring safety and reproducibility from the lab to the plant.

Our fully integrated, high-throughput screening and flow chemistry groups allow the rapid optimization and scale-up of chemistry otherwise unsuitable to manufacturing. Plus, Asymchem’s strong track record of regulatory compliance will help streamline your IND-enabling program and beyond.

  • Rapid Tech Transfer and Development
  • Route Scouting and Selection
  • Record of Regulatory Compliance
  • Integration of Technologies Such as High-Throughput Screening and Flow Chemistry
  • High Potency (HPAPIs) facilities upto OEB 5
  • Support of In-House Knowledge to Further Improvements
  • Integrated Solid-State and Preformulation Capabilities