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Wide-ranging Capabilities to Meet Chromatography Needs

The process development/optimization process generally involves significant effort to remove chromatography as it is an expensive and time-consuming operation. When this isn’t possible — or when removal of chromatography takes a back seat to expedited delivery, Asymchem is set up to accommodate client needs. Our large range of chromatography capabilities span from R&D lab scale through kilo scale and large scale GMP. To compliment our separations capabilities, we have a range of options for post-separation processing including nano-filtration, tangential flow filtration, lyophilization, and spray drying.

Separation Capabilities

  • Prep-HPLC with DAC-150, DAC-300 or DAC-450 columns. Lab scale with ID 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, and 150mm column
  • Prep-SFC with ID 50mm column, hectogram product purified per day
  • IEC or SEC processing capability can be up to Kg/day
  • Nano filtration: salts removal/concentration with >200L/h capacity
  • Tangential flow filtration (TFF): concentration and endotoxin removal with >30 L/h capacity
  • Freeze drying capability: 1m2, 2m2, 5m2, and 10m2 lyophilizers
  • Spray drying: processing capacity can be up to 60L /day