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Successful Opening Ceremony of Asymchem and Nankai University’s Joint Effort to Host Post-Doctoral Workshop

Working together to nurture and retain doctor and past doctor tablents, Asymchem and Nankai University jointly held their first Postdoctoral Workshop. The workshop’s goals include promoting academic exchanges, increasing the quality of programs, and collaborative development between the two institutions and doctorates.

Liao Guoxun, Deputy Secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee and Mayor visits Asymchem

August 10th – Mr. Liao Guoxun, Deputy Secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee and Mayor, visited Asymchem to research and discuss challenges in enterprise development. Dr. Hong Hao, Chairman & CEO of Asymchem, along with senior executives shared Asymchem’s exhibition hall which highlights the company’s development history, technology research, production management, and production capacity layout. The group also toured Asymchem’s analytical R&D lab. During the visit, Mayor Liao Guoxun expressed the importance of cutting-edge technology and leaders to cultivate and enhance the competitiveness of the biopharmaceutical industry.

ADC Drug CMC One-Stop Service: Asymchem and LaNova Medicines Enter into Strategic Partnership

Sept 16, 2021, Shanghai– Asymchem and LaNova Medicines signed a strategic partnership agreement to provide one-stop services to LaNova Medicines for the development and manufacturing of small molecule drugs, CMCs for ADC projects, and IND filings in China and the US. Founded in China, LaNova is a clinical-stage R&D company with a primary focus on the development of macromolecular anti-tumor drugs. Ms. Yang Rui, Chief Operating Officer of Asymchem, and Ms. Qin Ying, Chief Executive Officer of LaNova Medicines, attended the signing ceremony.
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mRNA Domestic Business Expansion: Asymchem and Nearshore Protein Enter into a Strategic Cooperation

August 27th, Shanghai – Asymchem and Suzhou Nearshore Protein Technology Co., Ltd. signed a partnership to accelerate the development and production of mRNA-related biologics and promote the development and transition of mRNA drugs in China. Both parties will work together to develop mRNA business in China and jointly assist in the development and commercialization of innovative drugs. The signing ceremony was attended by Ms. Yang Rui, Chief Operating Officer of Asymchem, and Dr. Zhu Huaxing, Chairman of Nearshore Protein.


Technology Updates

Achievement of Photochemically Continuous Unprotected Selective Bromination of Aniline

Bromination reactions are a basic and important class of reactions. Conventional reactions require the use of excessive amounts of bromine monomers or high-valent halogen compounds, which undoubtedly results in significant waste and pollution. The photochemical realization of bromination requires the addition of strong oxidizing agents and expensive photosensitizers. The Asymchem photoelectrical team has developed a cost-effective and easily available photosensitizer to realize the unprotected bromination of aniline using air as the terminal oxidizer. The conversion gives selective access to both o- and para-site target products and is also compatible with other electron-rich aromatics. Using a photochemical continuous reactor. Asymchem achieved a kilogram scale up validation of the demo and the crude product was obtained by simple extraction.

Immobilization Platform Capability Upgrade

Asymchem has independently developed nearly 20 kinds of immobilized carriers and developed its own immobilization technology, which are more effective than the same type of commercial carriers, making the carrier library of immobilized platform  further expanded and effectively solving the stability problems in the process of enzyme immobilization, enhancing the application capability of Asymchem immobilized enzyme technology.

Patent Granted for Synthesis of Cyclobutylamines Developed

The method for the synthesis of cyclobutylamines developed by Asymchem has been granted a patent (CN112794810B) by the China National Intellectual Property Administration. The method takes olefins and imines and performs a continuous photochemical reaction in the presence of a suitable photosensitizer, which not only leads to higher yields of the target products, but also provides a basis for the large-scale synthesis of such compounds by continuous photochemical technology.


Newly Joined Talent

Dr. Li Tangqing joined Asymchem as Vice President on August, 2021. He is mainly responsible for PCO and Biotech BD related, including establishing and optimizing the overall project coordination and customer communication management system per Asymchem’s overall business development strateg;PCO’s capacity to better support company’s emerging business areas, including but not limited to formulation business, biomolecules, chemical macromolecules, etc. He is also responsible for alliance management with existing strategic partners, formulating relationships with new US biotech clients, and future business develop and marketing effort in the US.  Dr. Li received his PhD in organic chemistry from Rice University (Texas, US) in 1994 and has worked for Novartis, and other major global pharmaceutical companies before joining Asymchem.

Dr. Chen Weibin joined Asymchem on August 18, 2021 as Head of Biomolecular Analysis (Executive Vice President level). He is mainly responsible for analytical method development and validation for three business segments – WCBP, mRNA, ATMPs – and supporting QC’s analytical support; responsible for analytical screening, providing support for cell line development and process development; responsible for customer visit activities and conference calls; supporting preclinical and clinical studies, including project feasibility analysis, discussing biomacromolecular analytical strategies with customers, etc.; cooperating with business development team. He is also responsible for customer relationship maintenance and business development of new projects, improving market development and expansion system, etc. Dr. Chen received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Purdue University in 1999, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in proteomics analysis at the University of Washington. He has over 20 years of research experience in biopharmaceutical product and application method development. He has published more than 40 scientific papers and monograph chapters on structural analysis and characterization of biomolecules, and holds several US patents on mass spectrometry and biopharmaceutical analytical methods.