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Asymchem 2022 1H Report Released


August 26 – Asymchem released “2022 1H Report”. The report reveals the company’s first half-year revenue reached 5.041 billion RMB, an increase of 186.4%. Attributable net profit reached 1.74 billion RMB, an increase of 305.31%. Net profit attributable to shareholders before non-recurring gains and losses reached 1.699 billion RMB, an increase of 381.87%. Non-China based market achieved revenue of 4.346 billion RMB, up 176.98%; China-based market achieved revenue of 691 million RMB, up 261.55%, China small molecule CDMO business achieved 382 million RMB, up 259.53%.

Within small molecule CDMO, the reporting period achieved revenue of 4.644 billion RMB, an increase of 187.25%. The clinical phase segment achieved 968 million RMB, an increase of 16.73%. The company’s core business segment, commercialization, achieved 3.676 billion RMB, an increase of 366.79%. Small molecule orders in hand reached 1.245 billion USD, ensuring the stable development of the company’s performance.

During the reporting period, emerging business achieved a total revenue of 393 million RMB, up 173.86%, and completed 476 projects. These included: chemical macromolecule revenue growth of 210.74%, with nearly 50 new projects signed; formulation revenue growth of 79.41%, around 100 new projects signed, including small nucleic acid revenue growth of 376%, and the number of orders under negotiation increased substantially. The clinical research service revenue increased by 242.02% with 170+ new projects signed. Over 450 million RMB orders in hand for clinical research services;  biologic services has over 260 million RMB orders.

During the second half of 2022, the company will continue the strategy of “be vigilant in peace time, be prepared for adversity, and spur with long accumulation”, and firmly promote the “two-wheel drive” strategy. The company will continue to innovate, make breakthroughs, and push forward the business expansion of each segment at full speed.


Asymchem 2022 Strategy Advocacy Meeting


August 17 – Asymchem’s 2022 strategy advocacy meeting was held in Tianjin. Dr. Hao Hong, Chairman & CEO, Ms. Rui Yang, Co-CEO, Mr. Da Zhang, CFO, and Dr. Steven Hu, CTO and CBO attended the meeting with senior executives of the company. Based on the performance of the first half of 2022, Dr. Hao Hong put forward new strategic orientation and objectives. Furthering top-down design and planning of business area layout with R&D as the driver. With the rapid implementation of various strategic deployments, Asymchem will embrace the new pattern of the future and usher in a new round of rapid development.


AsymBio 2022 1H Management Meeting was held in Shanghai


August 15 – AsymBio held the “2022 1H Management Meeting” in Shanghai, where the strategic planning and development direction of AsymBio and the work in the second half of 2022 were planned. The advanced teams and individuals with outstanding achievements in the first half of the year were commended.


2022 Welcome Meeting for New Employees of Asymchem


August 4 – the welcome meeting for new employees of Asymchem was held in Tianjin. Ms. Rui Yang, Co-CEO, Mr. Da Zhang, CFO, Dr. Steven Hu, CTO and CBO, Mr. Yingwei Jiang, EVP, Dr. Yi Hsiao, SVP and other senior executives of the company attended. More than 1,900 new employees joined the company during the 2022 campus recruitment. This is the start of Asymchem to deepening its “two-wheel drive” strategy and building a new engine of GXP one-stop service.



Technology Updates


Asymchem successfully develops next-generation enzyme evolution technology based on cell-free expression

Asymchem successfully applied cell-free protein expression technology to enzyme evolution. This frees enzyme evolution from the confines of living cells, shortening more than 15 steps to 3 steps, forming a streamlined and efficient evolution solution, and shortening the time for one round of evolution from weeks to days. Ideally, achieving a technological breakthrough of one round of evolution in one day. Combining the technological heritage of the evolution platform while improving efficiency, Asymchem significantly shortens the evolution cycle, greatly increases the evolution success rate, and comprehensively enhances the enzyme evolution capability.



Newly Joined Senior Executives


Dr. Yunyan Hou officially joined Asymchem as Executive Director (ED) of Center for Excellence of Process Science (CEPS) on August 29, 2022. She will report directly to Asymchem’s Senior Vice President, Dr. Yi Xiao. In this role, Dr. Yunyan Hou will be mainly responsible for leading the team to tackle key technical problems and relevant R & D work of key projects.

She will also give technical guidance to the personnel in the Department and be responsible for the process development and quality in the Department. Other duties include organizing and leading key technology research in the Department, and provide strong technical support for the company’s business development.


Dr. Yunyan Hou obtained her Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Victoria University, Canada in 2010, and her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in analytical chemistry from Jilin University. She once worked in Jinan Kanghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as chief scientist and general manager of raw materials business department.

She has more than 10 years of experience in drug synthesis and analysis, including 5 years of experience in the synthesis of small molecule drugs in foreign CRO pharmaceutical enterprises, and is familiar with the design, synthesis and purification of synthesis routes; 5 years of experience in generic drug project development and application in domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, familiar with generic drug R & D and application process; 5 years of analytical chemistry research experience in the National Reference Material Research Center.