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Asymchem and Snapdragon Chemistry Sign Partnership Agreement – Read More

Asymchem signed an agreement with Snapdragon Chemistry, where Asymchem will own a percentage of Snapdragon Chemistry’s shares. With this agreement, the two companies will carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation and further develop several technologies including continuous reaction. By doing this, the two companies can serve global customers better and make greater contributions to the development of green pharmaceutical technology.

The “2019 Annual List of the Most Influential in Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry” Released: Asymchem Won Four Awards

On August 7, the“2019 Annual List of the most influential in Chinese pharmaceutical industry” and “The 13th Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Development Summit Forum”, organized by the Medical and Pharmaceutical Commercial Association, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, was successfully held. While Asymchem kept their position in the top 100 in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and top 20 in Chinese pharmaceutical research and development for the second consecutive year, we were also honored with a position as one of the “top 50 fastest-growing companies in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry” as well as the award for being a “Chinese pharmaceutical industry law-abiding integrity enterprise”. In recent years, the number of awards won by Asymchem has increased continuously. Further deepening the market and industry’s accolades of our comprehensive competence and investment value.

Asymchem 2020 First Half Report Released – Read More

On August 8, Asymchem released its 2020 first-half report. The report shows Asymchem’s operating income of 1.266 billion RMB in the first half of the year, with a year-over-year increase of 15.81%. The net profit attributable to shareholders reached 316 million RMB, with a year-over-year increase of 37.63%. The net profit attributable to shareholders excluding non-recurring profit and loss came to 277 million RMB, with a year-over-year increase of 36.82%. During the reporting period, Asymchem completed a total of 303 projects, including 24 commercial-stage projects, 100 clinical-stage projects (including 23 clinical phase III projects), and 179 technical service projects.

Shareholder Open House Successfully Held

On August 21, under the guidance of the Tianjin Securities Regulatory Commission, the Shareholder Open House (2020 visits to listed companies in Tianjin district) was successfully held at Asymchem, which was co-organized by Tianjin Listed Companies Association and Tianjin Securities Association. More than 100 people attended the event including investors from more than twenty securities operating institutions, board secretaries from more than ten listed companies, and relevant managers from the bond division in the Tianjin area. This activity aimed to guide the majority of small and medium investors to understand investments, enhance the awareness of investor rights and interests protection, and to advocate the capital market concept of “long-term investment, value investment, and rational investment”.

Technology Updates

Asymchem’s RA team provides a comprehensive one-stop service for the entire life cycle of drugs

Our Regulatory Affairs (RA) team focuses on registration services, covering regulatory strategy consulting, regulatory support, filing preparation, compliance services, on-site inspections, and various other key fields. Our RA team has extensive experience in Chinese and international drug registration and is well versed in regulatory affairs related to drug development, CMC, analytical chemistry, and clinical research. They can accurately grasp regulatory guidelines and requirements needed to processes drug reviews and approvals. To date, Asymchem’s RA team has provided regulatory support for nearly 500 international registration projects and has written regulatory submissions that meet the requirements of NMPA, FDA, EMA. Additionally, they have written more than 50 filing documents for IND, NDA, ANDA, and consistency evaluations(BE)and consistency evaluations for clients, and have assisted clients in completing more than 100 drug registration submissions. Our RA team is recognized by our customers for its professionalism, high-level of precision, and efficiency.

Asymchem developed two new types of aminotransferases for biotransformation applications

Relying on the existing enzyme library and its enzyme evolution platform, Asymchem has independently developed two types of aminotransferases. One type can catalyze the synthesis of fluoro-dihydroxy ketone substrates, and the other type can synthesize chiral diamines. These two types of enzymes have high catalytic efficiency and good stereoselectivity. They can replace the conventional chemical multi-step synthesis route with only one step of biotransformation, while avoiding the use of expensive chiral catalysts and effectively reducing the level of waste generation, thus realizing the environmental friendliness of the pharmaceutical process.

Asymchem’s patent for an“aminotransferase mutant and its application” was granted

Asymchem’s patent for an“aminotransferase mutant and its application” was granted (No. CN111235127B). The directed evolution of enzymes is a kind of irrational design of proteins, by artificially creating special evolutionary conditions, and applying biotechnology combined with efficient screening systems to obtain new desirable enzymes. To improve the enzymatic activity of the aminotransferase within the existing process, reduce the total amount of the enzyme used and lower the difficulty of post-treatment, this invention evolved the ω-aminotransferase mutant derived from Actinobacillus fumigatus using enzyme evolution, and the catalytic activity of the mutant for transamination of ketone substrates was significantly improved, which is suitable for the large-scale industrial production of chiral amines.

Asymchem’s patent for a “drying apparatus” was granted

Asymchem’s patent for their “drying apparatus” was granted (No. CN211261677U). The utility model provides the drying apparatus, including the housing, material inlet and outlet, and a scraper assembly in the housing. Such a technical solution can effectively solve the quantity limits for materials processed in a single batch and improve efficiency over conventional technology.

Asymchem’s patent for an “aminotransferase mutant and its application” was granted

Asymchem’s patent for an “aminotransferase mutant and its application” was granted (No. CN108384767B). The invention provides an aminotransferase mutant and its application. The activity and/or stability of the mutant enzyme is greatly improved. The mutant can be used in relatively extreme environments, and can be further prepared into an immobilized enzyme, which adopts higher activity and stability, and can be recycled and reused many times. It is also suitable for applications in the continuous flow reaction of a packed bed.

Asymchem’s patent for an “Immobilized enzyme, the method of preparation and its application” was granted

Asymchem’s patent for an“Immobilized enzyme, the method of preparation and its application” was granted (No. CN111235140B). The invention provides a method of preparing an immobilized enzyme and its application. The immobilized enzyme includes an activated PEI (cationic polymer) and an enzyme covalently bound to the PEI. The enzyme types include aminotransferase, ketone reductase, monooxygenase, ammonia-lyase, ene reductase, imine reductase, amino acid dehydrogenase, and nitrile hydrolase. Immobilization of enzymes improves enzyme’s mechanical stability and greatly increases enzyme activity.

Clinical Research Center Updates

“Tianjin Academic Symposium on New Advances in Cell Therapy” successfully held

On August 18, the “Tianjin Academic Symposium on New Advances in Cell Therapy”, led by the Division of Biomedicine, Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau, and TICCR, was successfully held. Relevant leaders from the Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, clinical experts from key disciplines of “AAA” hospitals, and internationally renowned cell scientists were invited to discuss policy foci, latest research progress, and unmet therapeutic needs in the field of cell therapy. The symposium was of great significance in promoting policy discussions on clinical research in cell therapy, strengthening scientific cooperation between experts in key disciplines in Tianjin and the international platforms, discussing approaches for future clinical exploration, promoting communication between enterprises and regulatory departments, and fully mobilizing scientific research and innovation in Tianjin.


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