Supply Assurance

Supply Chain

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Ensuring Reliable Delivery

Successfully developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical drug substances and products demands a partner who can ensure reliable delivery of APIs, intermediates, and registered starting materials for approved drugs. All while meeting applicable quality and regulatory requirements.

At Asymchem, our commitment to trustworthy pharmaceutical supply chain management starts with our executive team and extends through every aspect of the process with careful oversight by management bodies such as the Validation Management Committee. Our purchasing group is well versed in China’s chemicals market and has relationships with hundreds of producers.

Quality & Regulatory Assurance

Our facilities all comfortably exceed local requirements. And while some chemical producers in China have been forced to shut down in recent years due to compliance issues, that’s never been the case here at Asymchem.

Becoming Our Own Supplier

Pharmaceutical raw materials are often complex chemical compounds that require special synthesis, not commodity chemicals. For key raw materials, Asymchem typically self-qualifies to produce these in our own plant avoiding shortages or difficulties with external vendors. We have dedicated an entire site to this function, as well as a portion of another location. Asymchem also has a research group dedicated to developing processes to make these raw materials.

For certain key raw materials, Asymchem develops process technology in house and then sets up a joint venture with a trusted supplier to produce it, thus extending our back integration capability reach.

Trust in Our Commitment to Supply Chain Integrity

  • Top to bottom management support
  • Excellent audit record by national regulatory authorities (US FDA and others)
  • Strong environmental and safety compliance
  • Deep experience in China chemicals market, including regular Asymchem-initiated audits of our key suppliers
  • Extensive back integration
  • Valuable joint ventures
  • Sophisticated logistics group to manage shipping, import/export, and warehousing needs