Supply Chain Secure

Even before COVID-19, the global supply chain landscape was fundamentally shifting, accelerating the requirement for supply chain security as a necessary part of successful drug development.

Learn how Asymchem made technology and facility investments needed to further transform supply chain security, and are already pursuing initiatives that will support cost optimization and enhance supply chain agility as a competitive advantage in this primer. 

About Asymchem

More than 1,800 scientists and 4,800 employees provide the KNOW.  Eight manufacturing facilities deliver the HOW. Asymchem is a single-source powerhouse for R&D and production across all stages of drug development.  Our solutions range from early clinical stage to commercial stage, including R&D and cGMP production of advanced intermediates, APIs, formulations, as well as clinical research services. Driving our success is our commitment to continual optimization and investing in the future. By improving the capabilities our partners need now, and maintaining the agility needed to support innovation, we’ve built a knowledge and experience base that we’re ready to share.

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